FCM Welcomes Resumption of Travel Between the UK & USA


FCM and Corporate Traveller Welcomes Resumption of Transatlantic Travel Between the UK & USA

"Industry-leading travel management companies, FCM and Corporate Traveller, are thrilled that the lifting of restrictions will enable fully vaccinated travellers to finally enjoy transatlantic travel again. This hugely significant and greatly anticipated move is a welcome milestone in the efforts to rebuild not just business travel but brings a much-needed boost to the industry that we’ve all been eagerly awaiting.

We are optimistic the restoration of the vital connectivity between the UK and USA will accelerate economic recovery, while our own research shows that both businesses and consumers are ready to return to travel. Since this announcement, we have already experienced a *92% month-over-month uplift in transatlantic flight bookings for October. This indicates indicating a strong desire to return to in-person meetings for successful business development. Unsurprisingly, a positive trajectory is emerging for the month ahead as the industry begins its journey to full recovery.

Buoyed by the resilience and continued appeal of top destinations such as New York, L.A., Boston, and Chicago for UK-based businesses, we expect lead times to shorten and a steady uptick to emerge by the end of the month and thereafter. We offer travel management solutions to a wide array of companies across the globe, ranging from small to mid-size enterprises through our Corporate Traveller brand as well as larger corporations working with us through FCM. Across our entire portfolio, we feel that this news signals a growing confidence in vaccination rates and will better equip our industry to return to business at a more accelerated pace leading into 2022.”

Frits de Kok Interim MD FCM UK & Global CMO

*September vs October sales of tickets for UK originating flights to the USA issued for Corporate Traveller and FCM UK