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The power of travel data

Let’s face it – we’d all like to know what happens next. Imagine the roadblocks we’d avoid or the crises we’d avert if we were always just one step ahead. But there is something more powerful than premonition that is available right at our fingertips: data. Data can provide answers for today, tomorrow, and beyond, but so many organisations struggle with how to harness the power of their travel data in order to make informed, driven decisions. 

The solution is simple: you need a TMC that serves up your data with vibrant and interactive visualisations, integrates with all your necessary source applications, and embraces artificial intelligence and machine learning to make your data work for you. 

Lucky for you, you’re at the right place. FCM Reporting makes your data feel magical. No crystal ball required. 

Now for the serious stuff.

FCM Reporting, fuelled by Microsoft Power BI, offers a large suite of pre-defined reports that capture detailed overviews of your travel activity, reservations, and financial expenditure. It also features unique reporting that will elevate your travel programme’s efficacy in the constantly-evolving corporate travel industry: traveller wellness, sustainability, benchmarking, and decomposition trees. Build custom reports and dashboards, ultimately giving you the control over your data. 

Our consistent quality control process worldwide provides integrity and accuracy in your reporting, regardless of the country where travel was booked. FCM Reporting is a new experience that helps ensure your travel programme is working its hardest, for you. 

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Query. Click. Go. 

We know you're smart, but let FCM AI do the heavy lifting. 

FCM AI Reporting works like your favourite search engine and helps you turn your travel analytics into action. Ask our AI any of your burning travel data questions:

What is my cost per mile?
What is my hotel spend variance year after year?
What is the average carbon footprint of my air travel?

Who is travelling today?

...and a custom report will be generated with the answers. It's instant. No more pouring through endless spreadsheets or waiting on reports. From identifying savings to finding the statistics you need to respond to a critical incident — AI Reporting delivers the travel data you need, your way.

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Find out what makes your travel programme tick

You need powerful reports and analytics that pave the way to a high performing travel programme. That means on-demand data and exclusive insights into your travel activity, reservations, spend and more.
Connect with customisable, sharable dashboards that can integrate 3rd party data to give you a full overview of your travel metrics.

Our reporting and analytics team is all about figuring out what makes your travel programme work, and how to make it work even harder for your business.

Let us help you:

  • Track expenses for full visibility
  • Maximise your safety and risk
  • Report on your carbon offsetting and improve sustainability
  • Increase your traveller’s happiness rate
  • Benchmark your travel policies against industry standards
  • Identify behavioural traveller trends

Get more value from your travel programme by working smarter and maximising your spend.

Our business travel management app will get your travellers where they need to go. FCM gives you access to your entire travel policy on any device.

Travel technology that keeps you moving.  Book a demo.

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