Amplified Data Intelligence

Unearthing hidden potential

No time to spare for data gathering? Don't worry, our consulting team does all the heavy lifting, analysing each category to reveal performance-enhancing strategies and actions.

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Bringing opportunities for improvement to the surface starts with a deep dive into your data and metrics. We take an independent, unbiased approach to programme transformation, which is why we are a trusted partner for both clients of FCM and those working with other TMCs.

Unlock next level intelligence that puts you in control of creating a smarter, stronger travel programme fit for today’s world.


  • Leading-edge mapping software and advanced analytics to identify prime opportunities for value and growth
  • Smarter insights to negotiate high performing contracts which work for you and your travellers
  • Identifiable opportunities and improvements using your programme data and supplier contracts
  • Multiple TMC contracts aggregated to provide a consolidated view of your total global programme.