5 values of a VIP travel programme

VIP traveller - FCM


Executives lead busy lives. Whether they book travel themselves or through an assistant, they often require an extra level of travel service.
That’s where a VIP travel programme comes in. A white-glove travel service tailored to select individual VIPs, with a best-in-class team and the FCM’s latest and greatest technology behind it.
It’s about more than comfort, pre-requested room upgrades and private cars and flights. Let’s explore the true value of a VIP travel programme.

1. Peace of mind

Arranging travel is often the small part of a much wider job. It might be easy enough to book a VIP’s prime seat on the plane and their favourite hotel room, but when there’s changes or special requests it’s not so easy to accommodate. With a team of specialist VIP travel bookers by your side, and a black book of the travel businesses, your VIP travellers get the service and perks that matches their exacting standards and expectations. And all those visas and paperwork? We’ll help with that too. Which puts everyone’s mind at rest, and means you can focus on the stuff that matters.


2. The personal touch, always   

It’s not too much to expect the same service, wherever you are. Travellers in a VIP programme skip the call queue through a dedicated phone line and can be confident they’ll receive top-notch service, every time. At FCM VIP, our dedicated team will even get to know each traveller personally, so when a travel request comes in they’ll always know their preferences (and their dislikes!). It’s those touches that ensure smooth journeys and assistance.


3. All the preferences and perks

Vegetarian meal? Window vs aisle seat? With the VIP team knowing each traveller’s preferences, you know that they’ll get a tailored travel experience for every trip. Plus, the team make sure travellers benefit from loyalty programmes by keeping their loyalty numbers on file. If they spot an opportunity for more points and perks, they’ll make sure each traveller is signed up to the right loyalty programme for them.


4. A helping hand, 24/7  

Relevant and timely facts and information, whether it’s business as usual or in an emergency. VIPs are supported 24/7 with advanced health and safety measures and a dedicated phone line. Before travelling, all travel elements will be reconfirmed 48 hours prior to departure over email, so the traveller always has their itinerary to hand. The same service, no matter what time of the day.


5. Focus on the task at hand

Ultimately, the top priority is to reduce stress and give everyone back some time. No one has to repeat preferences, passport numbers and loyalty numbers every time they book a trip! And a VIP travel programme ensures:

  1. VIP travellers know their travel has been booked to their standard, have all the relevant information to hand and know they have someone to contact if anything goes wrong. That means they have the headspace to focus on the purpose of their trip.
  2. Travel arrangers and bookers such as personal assistants have the expertise of specialist travel consultants behind them, and the knowledge that everything is covered. It’s peace of mind, and frees up time to focus on other tasks.

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