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It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the face of travel as we know it, redefining travel risk management to a whole new level. But as lockdowns start to lift and companies begin their journey back to business, what does the future of travel risk management look like? And how can travel managers ensure the foundations are in place for a safe return to business travel?

The answer lies in travel risk management technology. To meet COVID-19 era duty of care needs, businesses should be able to direct travellers to book through the company approved channels whilst equipping their travel managers with the tools to assess risks, make the right policy decisions and proactively monitor situations.

Over the past few months, FCM has also fast tracked our agile technology development roadmap, scaling multiple releases and upgrades to ensure customers have the latest COVID-19 information at their fingertips, and the technology to help implement policy changes.

Read on to find out the four ways travel risk technology can help customers with Duty of Care requirements...



travellers to book through the company approved channels and provide guidance at point of booking



managers with tools that enable them to assess risks and make the right policy decisions



with travellers while they are on the road



situations proactively with access to alerts, reporting and interactive dashboards 

Travel risk tech

1. Direct your travellers' bookings

Direct travellers to book through the company approved channels and provide guidance at point of booking.

A key component of Duty of Care and your travel policy is choosing your suppliers carefully. It’s important to use reputable suppliers, particularly for hotels, as this will affect a traveller’s overall travel experience and the travel manager’s ability to assist in emergencies. You don’t want to compromise on safety or quality, so if you are using local suppliers, make sure they have been vetted or are recommended by your travel manager.

Traveller Hub

2. Enable travel managers to assess risks

Equip managers with tools that enable them to assess risks and make the right policy decisions.

Reliable and accurate information is key when it comes to Duty of Care. That’s why we’ve created a global travel news hub for our customers. The Traveller Hub is an interactive resources that includes up-to-date information on travel restrictions, airline and hotel updates and border restrictions. The hub also features a live interactive map, delivered by travel safety specialist Sitata, which shows areas to avoid, number of COVID-19 cases per country, recovery rates, and local social distancing rules. You can access Traveller Hub on any device, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Travel risk tech

2. Communicate with your travellers

Communicate with travellers while they are on the road. When your employees get back on the road or in the skies, it’s important to ensure that two-way communication is in place.

FCM’s award-winning pocket travel assistant SAM (Smart Assistant for Mobile) is designed to simplify life for the business traveller by blending artificial intelligence with the expertise of a real travel consultant. With SAM, you can integrate your travel risk management provider, for example International SOS or WorldAware.

You can also send push notifications to your travelling employees. In an emergency, this saves precious time enabling you to communicate critical messages to all your travellers simultaneously.

Travel Risk Tools

4. Monitor situations proactively

Monitor situations proactively with access to alerts, reporting and interactive dashboards. When a crisis like COVID-19 occurs, it’s important to know quickly that your travellers are safe. That’s why FCM takes an intelligent approach to duty of care, offering 24/7 access to a host of advanced travel risk management tools to ensure you can act fast in a time of emergency.

In response to client needs, FCM has developed a COVID-19 Recovery Analytics Dashboard which can be deployed to customers via Secure, our travel risk management solution. Through advanced data modelling, this COVID-19 reporting dashboard will enable customers to plot their travel programme recovery.

The Dashboard is designed to aid all customers by providing accurate and reliable information about the spread of the virus. It also provides timely departure and arrival reports to assist travel managers locate and communicate with their travellers.

Powering your Duty of Care through people and technology

At FCM, our duty of care offering is a blend of cutting-edge technology built with your travellers' safety in mind, backed by the expertise of our people. After all, technology is only as good as the experts behind it! From before you've booked a trip to after you've returned home, we're there to support you every step of the way.

WP: Powering effective travel risk management

White Paper: Powering effective travel risk management with human and digital transformation

In this white paper, we explore the six main foundations of an effective travel risk management programme along with the must-have technology tools to protect and inform your business and your travellers. 

We will also cover how the human touch is essential in enhancing Duty of Care, and why as a FCM customer, not only will you have access to the latest technology built with your traveller’s safety in mind, but also a team of dedicated travel managers who will support you through every step of your return to travel.

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