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Running a travel programme from Bombay to Beijing? In such a diverse region, it can be hard to make sure you’re running the same programme for your travellers no matter where they’re from, but still with those local touches and content you’d only find in a specific country.
Global consistency, local relevance. In the complex Asian market, it's important to have both for corporate travel. Take FCM Platform as an example. Built with global travel programmes in mind, but with specialist customization in the countries that need it.
Discover more about our global platform and its regional features.


Major global cities can’t get left behind when it comes to the best technology. They need the same experience you’re getting in the US or Europe. Discover how organisations in these three cities can leverage global technology with local touches so they have the best of both worlds.
Complex data regulations, a heavily domestic market, local GDS and suppliers. China comes with its unique requirements, so it was only right that we invested in our own technology that meets those needs, but still matches the experience you get from FCM anywhere else.
India’s travel market is fragmented, unique, and doesn’t always fit in our global tools. So, we’ve invested in technology that makes sure Indian businesses and travellers have access to the widest suppliers and products, in an ecosystem that means they still get the best technology experience.
In the land of the rising sun, there’s a lot of platforms out there. International travel, domestic travel, rail travel…it all needs to be covered. Discover how we make the complex simple with FCM Platform.

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