Support at every stage of their journey

Your travellers need support at every stage of their journey.

Whether at the airport, on the road, or checking into accommodation, our mobile app lets travellers change course and alter plans from the palm of their hand.

Our approval notifications also keep them moving with ease, sparing the hassle of having to log into the online booking tool via desktop to see updates.

Give your travellers the support they need on any device, anywhere, any time.

Whatever happens while your travellers are on the road, our tech and our travel experts will join forces to help you take care of it.

We have your back

As much as you want your travellers to have a smooth and enjoyable trip, we know you want them to be safe too. Our tech is all about safety. Boost your risk management processes with our travel-savvy safety features.

FCM Mobile gives your travellers instant access to:

  • Your travel risk management provider
  • Urgent alerts and travel safety information
  • 24/7 support from real travel experts.

Feel confident knowing FCM’s mobile app delivers the most pertinent safety information and can connect your travellers to a team of experts within seconds.

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Chat to Sam

Sam is our savvy, go-to virtual travel assistant.

Harnessing AI-powered technology, Sam provides alerts and guidance to keep travellers informed throughout their journeys.

Travellers can access Sam at the touch of a button for any travel-related question — not just on mobile, but through text, email, and on our website.

Where you go, Sam goes.

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Seamless technology backed by people.

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