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We know you can’t always manage, book or view your business travel services and plans from your desk. That is why we believe it is crucial to develop technology that enhances your traveller experience on-the-go. And so meet Sam, our friendly travel-intelligent mobile app "chatbot" combined with the expertise of your FCM consultant.

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** FCM customers can get the enhanced version with advanced features such as automatically synced travel plans, live chat with travel consultants, integrated expense, duty of care features and much, much more.

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Our 'Smart Assistant for Mobile' or Sam for short is an industry-first. Our mobile app is a travel assistant in your pocket, powered by artificial intelligence. Sam has proved a game-changer for clients and many have said it has “saved” them during a trip. It is simple and intuitive to use thanks to its chatbot-based interface making it just like using Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Whether you are on the move or away on a business trip, you can be confident that Sam can handle everything from booking your flights, hotels or ground transport to updating you on the weather at your destination so you know what to pack. It also advises you on your exact departure gate, flight time changes or where to collect your bags plus suggests restaurants to visit, alerts you about traffic delays and connects you to a live text or phone chat with a consultant if you need or want it.

Created by our innovative FCM Lab to be friendly and personal, it has been based on real-life FCM travel consultants and was designed to solve common problems identified by extensive research among travellers and clients just like you.

Thanks to Sam, all traveller information is always at your fingertips putting you in control 24/7. This makes for a more relaxed journey, positively impacting your well-being and allowing you to focus on your destination and the business in hand.

Sam makes every traveller's business trip easier

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Use an intuitive dashboard to understand and manage the risks your business travellers face and trigger critical alerts for traveller assistance.


A fast and transparent tool to reduce the time you and your travellers spend inputting and understanding business travel expense data for real savings.

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