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Meet traveller expectations with speed


Time to change the way you meet expectations of your travellers. Harness the power of AI and stay ahead on all your travel bookings by guiding travellers to make better decisions, send custom notifications to book better flights and comfortable hotels. Through FCM proprietary tool, travellers can also expect live updates and chat with assistants to solve any query.


Supercharge your travel tech

Harness the power of AI coupled with human ingenuity. 
The result? Travel tech that packs a punch. 

Don’t just keep up. Lead the way with...

Multi-persona features

Multi-persona features

Unique to travel managers, bookers and travellers
Bespoke messaging

Bespoke messaging

Customise your travel programme announcements
Disruption-busting live updates

Practical live updates

SAM's always there with the latest disruption-busting alerts
Always assistance

Always-on assistance

Live chat in the FCM Platform
Have your say

Shape tech future

Your feedback influences future user experience
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Influence traveller behaviour when it matters most

Communication is key, and sometimes, you need to get the message across to travellers while they're in the middle of business travel bookings. Browser extension technology FCM Extension delivers just-in-time communications and tailored guidance while your business travellers are making decisions on their flight, hotel or car rental.  

A multinational mass media company used the FCM Extension to communicate with almost 6,000 global business travellers in the travel planning stage. Approx. 50k travel programme leakage alerts were communicated, redirecting travellers back to their corporate booking tool, and 40k notifications to highlight safety concerns. All seamlessly in their internet browser or online booking tool! 

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From the world’s biggest chains to your region’s most niche carriers and rail content. Rest easy knowing you have the best mix for your corporate travel management programme.

When a client was trying to figure out if they’re flying with the best airlines for their travel patterns, our team looked at everything. They uncovered which airlines were best fit globally, regionally, and even for specific routes based on various data points. With unique multi-source rates from 420 airline partners and the control to customise content, the client could have all their rates in one place. Convenient for everyone!
Think of AI as a tool that’s already here and readily available to transform your corporate travel programme, from the traveller experience to managing your business travel data and travel budget.

Take communication and notifications. Our FCM Extension team is piloting the use of ChatGPT to write custom notifications for business travel programmes. It saves time and isn't another thing to add to our clients' to-do list.

With our clients’ interests top of mind, we’ve established the AI Centre of Excellence. It's focused on promoting, adopting, and integrating generative artificial intelligence into our operations, both internally and within our customer-facing products.

Staying ahead of change in the NDC space.

The state of content across the airline industry is fragmented – and New Distribution Capability (NDC) is the modern solution.

Hear how Nicola Ping, Global Product Director, Air Distribution, explains how to stay ahead of change in the NDC space.

Swap reactive for proactive tech development

With real human ingenuity and controlled artificial intelligence, our proprietary corporate travel platform makes the upgrades you need, easy. 





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