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Wherever your journey, start and end it with FCM Hub, a single sign-on hub that integrates all your business travel booking and expense management software, allowing you to access bespoke platforms and personalising options to an individual, company or location. 
  • Profile

    As a Travel Manager or Travel Booker, you want a hassle-free way to find all the information you need without having to refill each field every time you book.

    That is why we have streamlined your experience in a fully-customisable Profile tool. It saves you time by storing all your traveller’s data and preferences safely and securely.

    Profiles can be fully synchronised with your online booking tool and GDS to save time and made available for offline bookings and fulfillment.

    Each preference - whether for a window or aisle seat or certain hotel or room type - is saved for future bookings and as a traveller you can manage your own preferences in seconds, should your needs or tastes change. This is broken down into air, hotel and vehicle categories but can also take in crucial information such as passport and travel membership details.

    A full feed of data is available at all times for compliance with your business travel management policies.

  • Booking

    Our fully-customisable booking tools are the best in-market and offer you a streamlined, powerful way to manage and book everything from airlines, to hotels, cars, rail and airport transfers.

    Travel managers have access to the entire suite of booking tool options meaning you can tailor these to preferences that best fit your needs. Our experienced account management and implementation specialists will come alongside you to advise what will deliver on your travel programme goals.

    This offers you complete control to integrate travel policies globally or country-by-country and means your travellers have a consistent global experience with the latest features, preferred suppliers and the best negotiated rates.

    Crucially, wherever your travellers are making their bookings from, they will have the same level of consistency.

    Through FCM Hub you will be able to plan, seek approval, book and purchase with ease, whether you are sitting at your desk or using Sam, our mobile app on the move. This is complemented by a wide range of reporting, data and streamlined expense management.

  • Approve

    This feature makes it fast and simple to approve both pre and post-trip requests from your travellers as part of your business travel programme. Approve can be customised to meet your own business travel policy requirements and developed with online booking tool providers and third-party vendors. It offers three different tiers, each with its own functionality.

    Approve Start includes permissions to request travel and authorisation before a booking is made while offering cross-country approvals and capturing key reporting data sets.

    Approve Online partners with key online booking tool providers for pre-trip approval and authorisation and is customisable with features including multilingual approval.

    Approve Plus supports a single-tier and multi-level approval process and is ideal if you have specific approval requirements. It offers centralised control for all trips pending approval before ticketing, has unlimited multi-tiers and has access for both profile-based and policy-level approvers.

    No matter how complex your business travel management, FCM has the technology to create an approval solution that matches your needs, ensuring your travellers are fully compliant with both your business travel spend and travel policies.

  • Secure

    If a crisis occurs anywhere in the world, you need to know that your travellers are safe. We take that duty of care as seriously as you do, which is why we offer you 24/7 access to a host of intelligent travel risk management tools.

    As a Travel Manager, these tools can be customised to meet the detailed needs of your business travel programme so that when an incident happens, you’re the first to be informed. Our suite of innovative products are designed to ensure that you’re equipped with the tools you need to successfully execute your travel risk management strategy.

    Our complementary travel alerts, powered by WorldAware, are categorised by risk and destination and if a critical alert is triggered, the Secure Dashboard aids as both a visual analytics tool as well as a customized reporting platform, designed to accommodate your everyday needs.

    At FCM, our products are designed to not only help you react, but to prepare as well which is why the Secure Dashboard is there to help you assess risks before they happen. You will receive a wide range of security and health alerts as well as a country and city risk ratings map in order to inform your forward-planning and be able to view embedded reports immediately using our travel risk snapshots.

    All of this bundled with a comprehensive global crisis communications process, monitored by WorldAware, and delivered to you via e-mail and SMS ensuring that there is never a gap between when an alert is raised and when your staff are informed. With advanced plans offered in coordination with your account manager, Secure is dedicated to providing you with support you need to execute a thorough and effective strategy.

  • Expense

    Linked to your finance system and our booking tools is our expense management technology that ensures payment and expense reconciliation is fast and transparent for the traveller and approver.

    Designed to deliver improvements in productivity and efficiency, it will reduce the amount of time you and your travellers spend inputting and understanding expense data by combining travel bookings and expense reporting into one simple process.

    By cutting out this time-waste and credit card merchant fees, our system offers real savings for your business travel programme almost immediately.

    Travellers can even stay on top of their expense claims via our mobile app, whether on the move, at the airport or during a trip.

  • Analytics

    We strive to give you the tools to make more informed and effective decisions about your business travel programme. That is why our powerful analytical technology offers in-depth insights into your programme’s performance whether for benchmarking, forecasting or scenario-based planning.

    It gathers and stores both reservation and booking data alongside financial data from invoices so as a travel manager you gain full visibility of the key areas of your business travel spend.

    Our analytics system can also connect to external travel, non-travel and expense data to empower you to make the right choices based on real intelligence. It easily consolidates multinational data to see what’s happening across all of your markets to better manage your relationships with airlines, hotels and other suppliers.

    You can also set KPI targets for areas of focus and receive alerts when a threshold is reached or exceeded or to give you an idea or indication of underperformance.

    This feature allows you to facilitate business travel programme change and improvement, view traveller and booker behaviour, evaluate supplier contract performance and gives you the right insight to improve your compliance.

  • Reporting

    We know that the ability to build powerful reports and configure dashboards to show the detailed information in an easy-to-understand way is crucial to your business travel programme’s performance.

    Our comprehensive suite offers on-demand reporting and detailed overviews of your travel activity, reservations and financial expenditure alongside the ability to choose from a wide range of data feeds and customisable scorecards.

    Reports can be embedded along with dashboards on internal websites or intranets and all information can be consolidated across multiple markets to improve the visibility of your business travel programme.

    Our safe and secure platform is fully-scalable and can include historical data and full travel and expense spend.

  • Mobile

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Technology tailored to you

Travel Manager

As a Travel Manager you gain access to a top-level overview of your business travel programme to quickly check or amend budgets, priorities and policies, run analytics, create insightful reports and receive risk and safety alerts.

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Travel Booker

As a Travel Booker you have all the tools you need at your fingertips to manage profiles, find the best-value fares and rates, reconcile expenses and track your travellers to ensure their safety.

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As a Traveller, you can easily plan and book trips, manage approval, make expense claims and be advised of delays, changes and travel alerts - even on the go using our mobile app.

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