FCM Connect: Mobile

FCM Connect's new Mobile app meets needs of business travellers on the move

FCM’s next-generation Connect suite of technology tools features ‘Mobile’ a new integrated app giving business travellers access to key updates and functionality to optimise their time on the move.

Mobile gives travellers quick access to their flight and hotel reservations as bookings are all stored in one place.  It also provides easy access to many airlines’ online check-in systems with pre-fill details and the user can download e-ticket boarding passes.

The app is fully integrated with FCM Connect’s Secure risk management solution, enabling the user to share trip details and opt in to report their location.

Other benefits of Mobile include tracking and flight status alerts via in-app display, push and email notifications, keeping the traveller up to date about check-in, delays or disruption, boarding and gate changes.

Travellers can access their itineraries online and offline with automatic itinerary updates. They can also forward trips booked independently to the app.

Mobile also features trip tools such as maps, weather forecasts and destination advice. If the traveller has some free time, the app suggests things to do. Soon travellers can also use Mobile to book taxis, restaurants, parking and local sightseeing tours.

Marcus Eklund, Global General Manager, FCM Travel Solutions commented: “We believe that corporate travel should be a positive experience for the traveller.  FCM Connect’s new Mobile app has been designed to support our clients’ business travellers so that they can feel more relaxed and in control during their journey. Today’s business travellers have simple demands – they want to be connected and they want to be productive. Mobile empowers the individual traveller by giving him or her the information and updates they need to optimize their time on the move.”