White Paper: 'Is corporate travel costing the earth?'

Could corporate travel be costing the earth?

FCM UK has produced a series of five in-depth reports on sustainability strategies in the hospitality industry, detailing carbon and energy conservation, water scarcity and pollution, waste and community engagement.

This issue, 'Is corporate travel costing the earth?', is the first piece in the series. The white paper takes a look at the overall challenges of sustainability, and the current state of play in the UK - and around the world. Smart businesses are fully embracing the concept of profits, people and planet to become sustainable businesses for the long-term. Is your company doing all it could do? Download the white paper now to find out...

White Paper: Is corporate travel costing the earth?


The topic of sustainability is on everyone’s lips - but what does it really mean for the hospitality industry? Download FCM UK's white paper, 'Is corporate travel costing the earth?' to get the FCM perspective on sustainable travel.

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