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Middle East State of the Market

Watch Ciarán Kelly give the latest update on travel in and out of the UAE, reviewing the year of no Expo in 2020 and how 2021's Expo season was impacted.

Learn the latest developments on our increased presence in the region and travel investments, as well as the steps FCM made to be a leader in the UAE.


Bacardi Implementation Case Study 

Hear Jane Rangel's interview on the Bacardi implementation of 15 countries in one day.

Communication was key! From roadshows and online training sessions, Bacardi shares how together we trained travellers to understand the new and improved travel policy and technology.


The Secret Goldmine: What do TMCs do with all that data?

Get the inside scoop on the thoughts and top-level thinking from travel buyers to come out of a FCM and Festive Road propathon held earlier this year. Those looking for better and more varied data from their TMC will want to join this hunt in the secret goldmine of travel data.

Watch on demand videos 

The Great Debate: Sustainability vs Savings vs Wellness

All eyes are on sustainability, but at what cost? Can you be sustainable while also saving money and maintaining employee wellbeing? Travel industry pros pitch each of these three instrumental pillars in the future of business travel, and we’ll cross-examine to make you wonder if you can have it all.

Tackling ESG - Key Customer Insights

Gone are the days when corporate travel RFPs are purely based on price. Th!nk gave three representatives from Australian corporate heavyweights PwC, Fulton Hogan and Flight Centre Travel Group the opportunity to discuss how each organisation was tackling travel in relation to their environment, social and governance (ESG) frameworks.

The steady progression of NDC

New Distribution Capability. Or NDC as we all so casually call it. Do you understand the concept and what it means for the business travel industry? The global travel industry may have halted during the pandemic but behind the scenes, industry kept rolling. 

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