Travelers’ evacuation by FC Cars during COVID-19 lockdown



The Novel Coronavirus (now known as COVID-19), a pandemic that hit the world in January 2020 has given a huge shock to the world economy. As it began to spread across the world, India, like other countries, started taking appropriate measures to control the spread of the pandemic, which included closing borders, starting with international, followed by domestic, and then a complete lockdown.

Before the onset of lockdowns, one of our clients, a leading software organization in Payments and Market Infrastructure Solutions, had two of their employees travel to Mumbai post execution of an overseas assignment. With the sudden announcement of the lockdown, they were stranded in Mumbai and couldn’t go back to their hometown.

Key challenge

With the pandemic induced nationwide lockdown imposed in India, the two employees were stranded in Mumbai for a very long time and required assistance to facilitate the travel back to their respective hometowns in Kurnool and Tamil Nadu.  

FC Cars’ Response

Evacuation from Mumbai to Kurnool – 17th May

  • FC cars received a call from the internal consultant team inquiring if a car can be arranged urgently in Mumbai. Location of pick up and destination was shared over the call itself.
  • FC cars immediately checked on availability of cars with all empaneled partners and found that one of them was able to provide services within a two-hour window.
  • Information on availability of car was instantaneously passed on to the internal team who then communicated the same with the client.
  • Following confirmation, driver and car details were procured and shared with the traveller.
  • The passenger had already issued an e-permit issued, which helped in avoiding the hassle of arranging passes for interstate travel and speeding up the evacuation.
  • As per FC Cars’ commitment, the car reported at the pick-up location in Mumbai within two hours where the passenger was duly picked up and the car headed off to Kurnool.
  • Protocols on hygiene and safety were followed by the driver before the car reported at pick up location – the driver wore face mask, the car was deeply cleaned and equipped with sanitizers.

Evacuation from Mumbai To Villupuram, Tamil Nadu – 20th May

  • FC Cars received a request internally seeking help to evacuate a passenger from Mumbai to Villupuram in Tamil Nadu.
  • FC Cars checked on availability of car and once confirmed, shared the car and driver details for the passenger to obtain an e-permit.
  • Once the e-permit was procured by passenger, the same was communicated to FC Cars and the booking was confirmed for next day.
  • The car reported at the pickup location accordingly, next day and moved to Villupuram as per itinerary shared.


FC cars successfully managed to mobilise both passengers amidst the lockdown. In difficult times, FC Cars made it possible for their customer to get back home safely.

  • Evacuation of both employees could only be made possible owing to the swift and prompt response from the car partners.
  • The entire process was well coordinated where the internal teams, partners and customer were informed and kept updated in real time.
  • Guidelines as set by the MHA in view of the lockdown situation were adhered to like obtaining permits etc.
  • Hygiene and safety protocols were followed by the driver before the car reported; the driver wore face mask, the car was sanitized, deeply cleaned, and equipped with sanitizers.

Most importantly, due diligence was done to ensure that all compliances were in place. The car partners ensured that health and safety measures were followed strictly before the cars were allocated and sent for assignments. All of the above resulted in seamless transportation of both employees from Mumbai to their native place.

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