FCM & GBTA Convention: Changing together, for the better 



Obvious statement incoming: Things change over time. But sometimes when two things change over time at the same time, albeit separately, the results can be remarkable.  

FCM and GBTA – two storied corporate travel entities that combined have decades of experience and knowledge. One, a global TMC with a challenger edge and a phobia of status quo, the other, a multinational industry news outlet, advocate, and event organizer. And every year, the two cross paths at GBTA Convention, this year being held in Dallas, Texas, from August 13-15th.  

But the focus here is change – how have they both evolved, and what does that mean for GBTA attendees experience at the convention? We ask a few of our US FCM leaders to break down their observations and share what they’re most excited about come GBTA 2023. 

All eyes on evolution 

Firstly, how has GBTA Convention evolved over the years? Alex de Vaux, SVP of Sales, commented mainly on the convention’s growth. “It attracts more and more travel industry experts every year, and the attendees diversify more every convention.” Joe Ondrus, SVP of Client Services, echoed this growth, but instead focused on the scale of the event. “It’s not just a sales forum anymore – now, it’s a one-stop-shop forum for corporate travel education, networking, and collaboration.” 

Since starting her US-based role in 2019, Michelle Jolley, Brand Marketing Manager, has seen growth in just two GBTA events. “The 2021 event was fairly scaled back due to COVID-19 considerations, but the collaborative atmosphere was palpable. The 2022 event in San Diego was on a whole other level, and certainly didn’t disappoint!” 

But how has FCM’s presence at GBTA evolved? Has it grown leaps and bounds just like the convention itself? Based on our experts’ responses, all signs point to “yes.” 


                                    Michelle Jolley


                                    Alex De Vaux


Alex noted how FCM’s engagement of attendees has changed. “We’ve evolved mainly because we bring more opportunities to the table for buyers to engage with what we do, whether it’s digging into a tech demo or asking us 1-1 questions about our service offerings. It’s also fun to show off how we stay ahead of industry changes, and what’s coming next.” 

Michelle owes FCM’s evolution at GBTA to how we changed on the outside: “It was really spurred on by our rebrand in 2021. FCM’s stance as the TMC that challenges the status quo is now proudly reflected in our bold, bright, green, and black colors.”  

For Joe, the evolution comes from FCM’s growth as a company, and a global force in the TMC space. “My first GBTA with FCM was at a small booth in Boston almost 20 years ago. Now at the event, we’re viewed as a true solutions provider and the fourth-largest global TMC with a recognizable brand.” 



What’s next at #GBTA2023 in Dallas 

Obviously with all this growth and change, each GBTA convention gets bigger and better, and so does FCM’s booth and presence at each event. So, what are our leaders looking forward to this year in August? 

For Michelle it’s all about innovation. “I’m excited about our new interactive tech bar where guests can get hands-on with our latest AI-enhanced solutions. I’m also really looking forward to the continued conversations about industry changes, especially NDC, and how it will evolve the landscape in the coming years. FCM will also be revealing insights into our own NDC pilot!” 

When it comes to Joe, he can’t wait to show off FCM’s range. “We have so many specific disciplines for buyers to learn more about: our technology, digital solutions, service models, consulting services, and more.” 

Alex is looking forward to meeting people and learning more about the industry. “I love having meetings in person and building solid relationships from day one. I also will make sure to attend as many education sessions as I can – one of the best parts of GBTA Convention is learning!” 




                                    Joe Ondrus

As we wrapped up our interview, we wanted to get one last parting thought from these leaders – we asked them to describe FCM at GBTA in three words… 

Alex: Innovative, Vibrant, Experienced 

Joe: Professional, Services, Growth 

Michelle: Personable, Engaging, Alternative 

Will we see you there? 

If you visit booth #2538 at GBTA 2023 this year, let us know what three words you’d use to describe FCM at GBTA. And if you’re looking for a more personalized experience while you’re there, book an appointment with one of our Business Development Managers today! 

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