This year's top corporate travel trends

The FCM Consulting Global Quarterly Trends Report provides you with essential intel on current trends and how they impact your travel program now and in the future. Stay in the know on shifts in demand impacting travel costs, technology, and the changing traveller experience, such as NDC updates and supplier performance. Navigate the sections below to look back on the last year in reports. 

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Despite increasing demand, companies are not ready to increase corporate travel budgets. Business travellers are out on the road meeting with clients and colleagues, and budgets are being maximized with a combination of early bookings and more days away.

The economic outlook for the rest of 2024 is positive but faces some uncertainty due to a flux of geopolitical events. Regardless, the rising demand is increasing supplier confidence. Seat capacity is forecasted to increase +3.5% over 2019 from May to December 2024 (with North America leading the way at a forecasted +9% increase).  

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What happened in corporate travel during Q4-2023?  

Even with a predicted +3% rise in global travel costs, business travellers who were ready to connect with clients and colleagues were still planning more trips.

Compared with the first half of 2019, the start of 2024 was predicted to offer 7% more seats in North America – good news for those eager business travellers – however, a significant drop in flights was expected. Take a look back at the Q4-2023 report. 

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Rewind to Q3-2023's corporate travel trends

The end of 2023 brought one thing to mind: airline seat capacity. Levels were just -2.2% of 2019 numbers, but predictions said all that would change in Q1-2024 when airlines around the globe were forecasted to add 71.8 million more seats – that’s +5.3% on the same period in 2019.     

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The two stories of travel trends in Q2-2023

Corporate travel in Q2-2023 had two distinct stories. In the Northern Hemisphere, it was a tale of demand levels spilling out into the summer. But the rest of the world’s demand hit a plateau.

Globally, as business trip volume increased and travel patterns stabilized, disruption remained, and many organizations were considering strategies to stretch travel budgets further. Click below to learn more.

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