Discover what’s next for your travel programme.

Analysing your travel data paints a pretty clear picture of your travel management habits. The secrets to where you’re overspending, and which travel policies are falling short. Insights into how you can improve safety, and where you can save time and money. 

You need a reporting and analytics tool that drives moral purpose, social responsibility and meets your financial targets.  

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Travel and Expense Data Analytics | FCM Travel

Find out what makes your travel policy tick

Harnessing the power of travel and expense (T&E) data is key to making more informed, data-driven decisions. Only then can you understand what to adjust, where to create more efficiency, and what to optimise and tweak. 

Don’t just stare at data visualisations or run a report and send; you need the insights, the context, and the data analytics to really make your data work for you. That's where the expertise of our teams comes in. 

Remember, it’s not just about the travel expense analysis. You need data that’s looking into pressing areas such as sustainability, traveller wellness and fatigue.

Powered up travel data at your fingertips

What’s the point of having all this awesome data if you can't make sense of it? You need a platform where you can see all the data you need - when you need it. 

The FCM Platform is your go-to place for: 

  • Spend, sustainability and wellness analysis 

  • Vibrant and interactive data visualisations 

  • Integrates with source applications  

  • Enhanced data security 


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Travel and Expense Data Analytics | FCM Travel

Query. Click. Go.

FCM Platform’s reporting suite works like your favourite search engine and helps you turn your travel analytics into action.

Ask any of your burning travel data questions: 

  • What is my cost per mile? 

  • What is my hotel spend variance year-over-year? 

  • What is the average carbon footprint of my air travel? 

With its ability to generate custom reports, you only need to ask the questions you need answers to. 

From analysing your travel budget, to informing your sourcing strategies, to finding the statistics you need to quickly respond to a critical incident, FCM Reporting delivers your travel data, your way. 

Here’s what our customers have to say

Having reliable travel data is a non-negotiable for Groupon. We rely on this information for budgetary and reconciliation purposes. This solution not only fixed the issue with past reporting, but the translation table will ensure that fewer human errors are made in the future.

Nicole Vespa, Global Business Travel & PCard Program Manager, Groupon

The business intelligence uncovered by FCM’s comprehensive reporting solution has really made a difference to our business. The data, coupled with the expertise of our account manager really opened our eyes and had given us a solid basis to make informed decisions, resulting in significant savings in our travel category.

Mouza al Mahrouqi, Head of Shared Services, Petroleum Development Oman

I was also impressed with the FCM team, who was always available to provide us with relevant analysis and advice on improving employees booking behaviour, keeping a tight supervisory control strategy over business travel, as well as ways to generate cost savings.

Business Travel Manager, CVTE

I told my boss and HR about the wellbeing and fatigue reports and they were both enthusiastic to have that data.

Alice Linley-Munro, Travel Manager, Oil Spill Response

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