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At FCM, we’ve demonstrated that we look at situations in a non-traditional way. That’s what makes us the alternative. We tend to ask more questions when trying to identify what the real problem is. Spending a lot of time distilling things down allows us to be more creative with the solutions we put forward.
- Billy McDonough, President, FCM Americas
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Creating community champions


Communicating a hotel policy

For one client in the oil and gas sector, we identified a trend of travellers and consultants making reservations at non-approved hotels, prompting immediate action. In collaboration with the travel manager, we emphasised the necessity for clear and frequent communication of this policy, ensuring it’s understood by travellers; so, to make the policy more accessible, we placed it on various platforms including the Intranet, Yammer, Teams, and included a travel section in the New Hire packet. Recognising the limited options in some countries, we advised the travel manager to expand the list of approved accommodations, enhancing the choices available to travellers. Security managers responded positively to our recommendations, approving an additional three or four hotels per country.

Team discussion

Transformation over change


Pricing out change

Our clients often come to us wanting a ballpark figure on how much a change to their travel policy might cost or save them. To get to the bottom of this, we pull together thousands of data points, from their own travellers’ past habits to benchmark data from other clients and published pricing. We put all this info to the test, comparing different airlines and considering how their contracts and schedules come into play. Ultimately, we provide the client with a holistic data set so they can make more informed decisions.

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Staying ahead of the game


Playing for the same team

The big mission for one client, a national insurance provider, was to get their internal Meetings & Events team to work under the same umbrella as their Corporate Travel team. However, the processes and dynamics between these two teams were not cohesive. To help FCM joined forces with their in-house team, bringing in both Cvent and our M&E services. Together, we pulled off over 17 meetings with more than 1,765 people attending in less than 1 year! Plus, we created a new review format that lets us showcase all the cool stuff the M&E team is doing, making sure their leadership can see the impact and contribution to the overall travel programme.

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Through these custom initiatives, FCM exceeded client expectations and collaborated with travel managers to cultivate well-informed corporate travellers and pave the way for a seamless and secure travel experience. 


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