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Better buying with GlobalFares

FCM GlobalFares is a proprietary web-based tool which enables us to search and book fares from other FCM countries if advantageous. In many cases this can result in significant fare savings of up to 50% on international journeys, due to:

  • Lower fares
  • Better availability on specific flights
  • Better availability in specific fare classes (such as first class)
  • More flexible fares rules
  • Currency conversion
  • Time zones

If a lower fare or better availability exist anywhere in our network of participating countries, our consultants can access it for you. Whether you book online or through our customer service, our system will automatically scan all FCM partnering countries to see if we can offer you a better fare or availability by booking through another market.

FCM GlobalFares is one of the only systems available to provide instant multi-GDS online access to content from 50 countries remotely without contravening airline rules - and without requiring currency exchange fees.

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