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Accommodation Options

Room to manoeuvre

The explosion in the availability of data in the past decade has enabled suppliers to understand better what experience makes which groups feel comfortable. The result has been a growth in brands as accommodation suppliers refine their offerings to target specific groups of travellers.
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Sizing up your data

Travel managers agree that data is vital, but identifying which data is needed will vary among programmes. The data that company travel programmes generate also has significant value, yet tapping into it is a much bigger task than unearthing the nuggets hidden in the behaviour of individuals.
Running an effective travel RFP - 5 steps summary

How to create an effective travel management RFP

Finding the best travel management company (TMC) for your business can seem very challenging. FCM Travel Solutions has written a comprehensive guide to creating the best possible TMC selection process. After competing to win thousands of customers, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to RFPs. We’ve seen what works for buyers – and what really doesn’t work.