Case Study: Steel & Tube's sustainability journey



Hear from Global Sustainability Manager of Steel & Tube, Trent Brash about how FCM provides Steel & Tube with a software suite that allows them to understand their travel behaviour, from a holistic view, down to a specific trip.

For Steel & Tube, sustainability is about having a net-positive effect on the world around us. We’re proud to supply building materials that are infinitely recyclable, extremely durable and reduce waste on construction sites. We know that steel provides many benefits, particularly at its end of life; it is infinitely recyclable with zero product degradation and improves a structure’s lifespan by decades. The key will be decarbonising steel (colloquially known as ‘green steel’) during the production process. It’s also about business practices that positively impact our communities and people – our ‘One Team’ approach ensures that we put our people and communities first.


Business travel is an essential part of running a business, and we will always need it to some degree, but we can be more thoughtful about the ways and frequency in which we travel. Reliably measuring our emissions is the first step to reducing them.

FCM provides Steel & Tube with a software suite that allows us to understand our travel behaviour, from a holistic view, down to a specific trip. This enables the right people in the organisation to know where our outliers are, how we are tracking against our goals and what we can do to reduce our emissions in this category, if necessary.

FCM also gives Steel & Tube access to digital tools that automate processes and reduce travel admin, and offsetting tools that integrate with our overall reporting system. We’ve onboarded Savi (an online booking tool) and the FCM platform app into our operating environment, regularly report on our emissions through FCM’s reporting and analytics tools and are looking into the option of offsetting our air travel at the time of booking through Savi & TEM. When Steel & Tube needs support as priorities change, FCM can absorb that administrative burden for us. As our relationship has developed, FCM has transitioned from only a travel management vendor to a sustainability partner for our organisation.


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