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In the realm of fostering sustainable business practices, FCM emerges as a guiding force, offering a comprehensive suite of strategies that propel businesses towards achieving their sustainability objectives.

By harnessing the power of travel policy consulting, technological advancements, and carbon offsetting initiatives, organisations are empowered to navigate their sustainability journey.

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Crafting a best-in-market travel program that meets your ESG goals  

From enterprises embarking on their sustainability journey to well-established corporations with sophisticated travel initiatives, we have traversed the spectrum of sustainable travel. Our appreciation for the significance of sustainability in business travel equips us to collaborate with your business in shaping a travel program that meets your objectives. 
Our cadre of travel experts will engage closely with you to dissect your existing travel policy and propose a bespoke, industry-leading travel program that advances your sustainability goals, all while harmonising traveller well-being and travel expenditure. 
Gaining a vantage point over your travel program endows you with the insight into how travel patterns and behaviours interlace with your sustainability objectives. Through an array of resources—ranging from comprehensive reports to analytical dashboards and purposeful travel program consultations—we facilitate the quantification of pivotal key performance indicators in your travel program. 
Employing our wealth of travel management experience, we offer benchmarks for assessing your program relative to similar industries, corporate sizes, or analogous initiatives, thus illuminating your data with context. Additionally, our services provide access to on-demand reports that employ the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to compute carbon emissions stemming from air, hotel, and vehicular travel. 

Reducing the carbon impact: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.  

The axiom "what you can't measure, you can't manage" rings resoundingly true. Given that travel is responsible for over 14% of global carbon emissions, there's mounting pressure on business travel programs to take sustainability to the forefront and reduce their environmental footprint. Yet, for some, the challenge of translating these intentions into action can prove daunting. 
The laborious task of manually tracking, calculating, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions can be time-consuming, potentially imprecise, and demanding. Introducing visibility into carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) and offsetting choices within the online booking tool marks a genuine stride forward, urging travel bookers to integrate sustainability into their ongoing, well-informed decision-making process. 
FCM's Online Booking Tool (OBT), Savi, brings this dimension. The functionality displays emissions from flights, allowing users to make their own comparisons between different flight routes and cabin classes, when making reservations. This information is presented in kilograms of CO2e emitted per flight. Savi enables you to prioritise hybrid and battery electric vehicles when filtering rental car options. This encourages more eco-conscious choices at the point of booking, effectively reducing CO2e emissions linked to your program. 
The visibility of these greenhouse gas (GHG) aspects is underpinned by the technological prowess of Tasman Environmental Markets' BlueHalo—an industry leader in travel climate technology. This is just one example of the technological capabilities we leverage, often in collaboration with our partners, to help clients comprehensively grasp the overall environmental ramifications of their travel-related activities. 
While the landscape of business travel grows more intricate, FCM maintains its unwavering commitment to offer, through our partners, cutting-edge sustainability tools and technologies that stand strong in the market. In this evolving landscape, FCM's persistent endeavours make attaining your objectives more streamlined and achievable. 

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SAVI's carbon functionality encompasses: 


  • Prioritising hybrid and electric battery rental cars 

  • Visualising the CO2e impact of different flight choices 

  • Detailed emissions calculations that account for seat class and aircraft type 

  • Displaying your company's contributions to offsetting projects and investments 

  • Seamlessly transmitting CO2e emissions and offsetting data to real-time reporting 

Business travel offsetting our role is to ‘get curious’ with our customers about sustainability in business travel.   

FCM assumes a role of inquisitive exploration alongside our customers, delving into the realm of sustainability within business travel. Our approach is to customise solutions based on individual needs, ranging from basic carbon visibility integrated into our booking tool to intricate carbon emissions reporting and integration with expert partners proficient in the intricate nuances of carbon calculations and offsetting. 
Certified by local authorities: 
Many carbon offsetting programs rely on generic or European methodologies for calculation. In contrast, FCM cultivates relationships with both local and global partners to align solutions and secure the right expertise that suits your objectives. Savi's emissions visibility features and interconnected carbon reporting adhere to the standards set by Climate Active in Australia and the Ministry for the Environment in New Zealand. Within FCM Reporting, you can access CO2e reports for hotel, car, and air travel using DEFRA's Greenhouse Gas Protocol calculation standards, thereby assisting in guiding your sustainability decisions and offsetting efforts. Selecting the appropriate approach to support your objectives can spare you the inconvenience of re-validating emissions, conserving valuable time and resources. 
From local to global: Creating tangible impact: 
Identifying suitable offsetting projects necessitates careful consideration. Our offsetting partners offer an array of verified initiatives that champion international and domestic endeavours. This flexibility empowers you to make a meaningful contribution aligned with your company's mission and ethos. Instead of adhering to a generic global program, you can direct offsets towards a diverse portfolio encompassing projects in Australia and New Zealand. Whether your preference is renewable energy or forest rejuvenation, you can genuinely impact your community. Detailed transparency allows you to track precisely where your investments are allocated, illustrating your role in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals linked to each project. 
Precision and automation: 
Are you grappling with manually extracting travel data and subsequently attempting to calculate the associated impact? Shift to a seamless process by automating offsetting through integration within your booking workflow. Flight booking data can be directly sent to our recommended offsetting partner and their carbon reporting suite, providing real-time insight into your emissions and offsets. Offset processing occurs upon trip completion, mitigating concerns about cancellations or alterations. 
Accessing premier carbon market expertise: 
Accessing elite carbon emission expertise is simplified through our online booking tool, Savi. Our collaborations with local and international offset providers ensure a consistent supply of verified regional and global offset programs. Technological integration enables data collection and precise impact and cost calculations for offsetting. You can readily download reports detailing previous carbon calculations, offset volumes achieved to date, and secure formal retirement certificates and invoices as tangible evidence of your unwavering commitment to realising carbon-neutral travel. 

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