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FCM releases new carbon footprint display for flight bookings.

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There has long been a saying in the corporate travel sector … ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’.

The same can be said of our carbon footprint from travel. We can’t control our travel footprint if we have no idea how big it is. Travellers and travel bookers need visibility of a trip’s carbon impact, if they want to make informed booking choices that help their organisation achieve its sustainability goals.  

Having transparency of each traveller’s Co2 output is an important part of developing a sustainable travel program. So too is educating individual travellers and travel bookers on the amount of Co2 emitted from different trip components. To this end, FCM’s online booking tool (OBT) now features a carbon-emissions display, which details how much Co2 has been emitted from flights. The emissions panel is visible on the recommended itinerary page.

Powered by Tasman Environmental Markets’ (TEM) BlueHalo - a leader in travel climate technology, the display feature is one of numerous tech capabilities FCM will draw on to help clients understand their overall environmental impact from travel.

The new carbon display within FCM’s online booking tool includes two programs the customer can follow:

  1. The first option, which is now live, includes the Co2 display against flight segments. The objective here is to educate travellers and travel arrangers about the emission footprint of each booking.
  2. The second, which will be available soon for interested customers, is a program where FCM will work with your business to introduce carbon levies against each flight booked and package into a portfolio to offset with your chosen green initiative.

The second phase of the project would see FCM workshopping sustainability objectives with each client to understand what their needs were and marrying the most suitable program for them.

FCM will work with clients to establish what is important to their organisation from a sustainability perspective.

“Is your organisation mainly focused on your air travel footprint or would you like to see strategies in place for air travel, accommodation and ground transport? Additionally, how much is your organisation willing to contribute to reduce your overall environmental impact? Carbon offsetting budgets are now becoming a key part of the sustainability picture.”

Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM) offers a range of high value carbon offsetting initiatives including Australian and New Zealand initiatives, supporting renewable energy or emission reduction projects. All projects sequester carbon and deliver benefits to local communities and economies.

TEM is a certified B Corporation.

Stay tuned because there’s more on this coming soon!

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