The Three Pillars of Travel Program Consolidation

It’s time to think strategically when facing a travel program consolidation. 

The motivators for travel program consolidation may seem obvious. You want one point of contact, one fee structure, one program, one travel policy … one best way for all things corporate travel. But you may be surprised to hear that travel consolidation is much more nuanced.  Examining your ‘why’ more closely helps refine not only the reasons for your consolidation, but the outcomes.

And what does that add up to? A stronger and more streamlined program that saves you time, effort and money.  

What are the three pillars of travel program consolidation? 

Having partnered with hundreds of national and multinational clients, we’ve identified three core areas for defining the type of program consolidation. Understanding these areas can help ensure you are tackling the process strategically and without unneeded complications.  

Download our latest industry exploration for a new take on an old topic!  

This insights piece will help you to:

  • Identify which type of consolidation strategy best fits your requirements  
  • See examples of how organisations have mastered consolidation challenges 
  • Understand the power of bringing your program or even aspects of your program together for more unity. 
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