What’s ahead for hotel rates in 2019?

With accommodation trends set to challenge corporate travel budgets in our region next year, FCM is pleased to provide your business with an overview of hotel trends for 2019. The report is compiled by Flight Centre Travel Group’s 4th Dimension Business Travel Consulting.

The 4D Accommodation Focus Report - Australia and New Zealand 2019 Outlook explains the pressures and influences that are driving movement in the hotel sector.

Fluctuations in inbound tourists and demand is causing average room rates to rise and occupancy levels to rise in some cities while new properties are keeping rates flat in others.

Jarrod Patterson, FCM Travel Solutions NZ general manager, says "the growing supply and demand issues in New Zealand and Australia, two markets that make up the majority of business travel for New Zealanders, is a continual challenge."

FCM Travel Solutions say there has been a significant uptake of travel management companies (TMCs) by corporates as they look to combat these increased costs to their business.

“By using a TMC (Travel Management Company) businesses can choose smarter travel options to combat ongoing supply issues and rate increases. By understanding trends such as how far in advance to book, what day of the week to travel and what regions are seeing less demand, businesses can maximise savings in this changing environment.”

At FCM Travel Solutions their Data Excellence Centre monitors market trends such as supply and demand issues, and uses data to provide valuable insights and actionable intelligence. This enables the team to anticipate future costs and manage clients travel spends more effectively.

Download the report to stay ahead of the fast-paced accommodation sector