We strive to give you the tools to make more informed and effective decisions about your business travel programme. That is why our clever and powerful analytical technology offers in-depth insights into your programme’s performance whether for benchmarking, forecasting or scenario-based planning.

It gathers and stores both reservation and booking data alongside financial data from invoices so as a Travel Manager you can gain full visibility of the key areas of your business travel spend.

Our analytics system can even connect to external travel, non-travel and expense data to empower you to make the right choices based on real intelligence. It can easily consolidate multinational data to see what’s happening across all of your markets to better manage your relationships with airlines, hotels and other suppliers.

You can also set KPI targets for areas of focus and receive alerts when this threshold is reached or exceeded or to give you an idea or indication of underperformance.

The data we provide you with will facilitate business travel programme change and improvement, allow you to view traveller and booker behaviour, evaluate supplier contract performance and give you the right insight to improve your compliance.

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