If a crisis occurs anywhere in the world, you need to know fast that your travellers are safe. We take that duty of care as seriously as you do, which is why we offer you 24/7 access to a host of intelligent travel risk management tools.

As a Travel Manager, these tools can be customised to meet the detailed needs of your business travel programme so that when an incident happens, you’re the first to be informed. Our suite of innovative products are designed to ensure that you’re equipped with the tools you need to successfully execute your travel risk management strategy.

Our complementary travel alerts, powered by WorldAware, are categorised by risk and destination and if a critical alert is triggered, the Secure Dashboard aids as both a visual analytics tool as well as a customized reporting platform, designed to accommodate your everyday needs.

At FCM Travel Solutions, our products are designed to not only help you react, but to prepare as well which is why the Secure Dashboard is there to help you assess risks before they happen. You will receive a wide range of security and health alerts as well as a country and city risk ratings map in order to inform your forward-planning and be able to view embedded reports immediately in HUB using our travel risk snapshots.

All of this bundled with a comprehensive global crisis communications process, monitored by WorldAware, and delivered to you via e-mail and SMS ensuring that there is never a gap between when an alert is raised and when your staff are informed. With advanced plans offered in coordination with your account manager, Secure is dedicated to providing you with support you need to execute a thorough and effective strategy.

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