How sustainable is your corporate travel?

Every organisation has a role to play in reducing carbon emissions. What is your company doing to reduce its environmental impact?

The pressure is on all organisations to consider their impact on the environment. It doesn’t matter what sector you operate in or where you are located, there are local and global expectations that every company is taking steps to reduce the volume of carbon emissions produced from commercial activity. Global air travel contributes 1.9% of global carbon emissions, rail 0.04%, road transport 11.9% and accommodation 17.5%.

The heat is on the entire corporate travel buy and supply chain to help minimise these statistics. 


What can your organisation do to reduce its carbon emissions from corporate travel?

Creating a more sustainable travel program doesn’t necessarily mean travelling less. It means travelling smarter. And by smarter we mean looking at your entire corporate travel program to assess where and how your organisation can make changes that are viable and aligned to your company’s overall sustainability objectives.

As a travel industry supplier, we recognise there is no quick and easy fix for making the industry more sustainable. But there are various strategies that companies can look at to make travel program enhancements over the short and long term.


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