Your mobile Pocket Travel Assistant.

SAM (Smart Assistant for Mobile) is FCM's Pocket Travel Assistant. It is designed to simplify life for the business traveller by blending artificial intelligence with the expertise of a real travel consultant.

Sam organises and sends up-to-date, practical information based on context, relevance and individual preference and keeps you connected to your travel manager.

We’ve integrated the AI-inspired booking experience of our online booking tool with Sam. Coming soon, you can book flights, accommodation and transfers at the touch of a button.

Now you can boost your travel risk management with Sam

Just because most of the world has stopped travelling, doesn’t mean we stop innovating. FCM's pocket travel assistant, Sam, has always been designed to simplify life for the business traveller as well as providing valuable updates and intelligence. 

Sam has a couple of great new features to support your travellers in times of disruption.


Contact your account manager

FCM Secure TRM features
Integrate your TRM provider         

If you have a partnership with a travel risk management provider, for example InternationalSOS or WorldAware, these emergency contact details can now be loaded into Sam.

In a stressful situation, the last thing a traveller needs is to be searching around for the right number to call for assistance. This enables travellers to easily contact their travel consultant to make changes to their reservation. or their risk provider for anything related to their health and safety.

3rd party risk companies will typically have access to a database of medical providers, medical physicians, foreign language capabilities, information about vaccines and other entry/exit requirements, as well as a fully staffed call centre of experts in travel risk management.

Sam Push notifications
Send custom push notifications 

You now have the ability to create a custom message which can be pushed out to your travelling employees via Sam. In an emergency, this saves precious time enabling you to communicate critical messages to all your travellers at once.

Push notifications are easily set up and managed.

Both of these new features are ready to switch on now and can be activated by your FCM Account Manager.

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Discover all Sam's features

  • Travel disruption and flight change notifications  

  • Sam Community: Travel tips and advice generated by real Sam Users 

  • Travel booker functionality itinerary management in one central location 

  • Book flights, acccommodation and transfers all within the app

  • Online check in from one central location

  • Weather forecast and warnings

  • Interactive city guides and restaurant recommendations

  • Book Uber easily

  • Upload your expenses through Expensify & Certify

  • Travel arrangers: Manage your travellers in one central location

  • Call your travel consultant within the app

Meet SAM, your pocket assistant

Beyond organising all your business trips in a beautiful itinerary, Sam gets in touch anytime there’s something about your travel plans you need to be aware of. Flight status? Change of gate? Traffic jam on your way to the airport? With Sam, you will never miss a thing.

SAM for Travel Bookers 

Sam is now also available for travel arrangers, to help you take better care of your travellers by providing easy access to their travel information, as well as notifcations for important events so you are always a step ahead.

Main benefits
  • Itinerary: Have visibility of your traveller’s itinerary
  • Notifications: Receive notifications affecting your travellers such as flight delays, cancellations and security alerts
  • E-mail: Receive the same notification information via e-mail

Trips marked as personal are not overseen by arrangers. This makes it possible to have all your travel information in Sam without having to worry about data confidentiality

All the information is displayed in SAM. There’s no need to install any other app. The travel arranger will see the traveller’s itinerary and notifications right next to their own.

Business travel tips and advice via SAM Community

SAM Community will be the world’s first chatbot assisted community for travellers. This next phase feature taps into the knowledge and experience of a global community of business travellers, serving up user-generated tips and advice based on a traveller’s location or when they ask SAM for assistance or inspiration.

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