Gain Full Control of Your Travel Spend with Budgeting Capabilities

Budget Module
FCM’s exclusive reporting and budgeting capabilities help organisations gain optimal visibility of their travel spend and greater control travel expenditure to meet their overarching business needs.

Clients can gain valuable insights by uploading their current travel budget for divisions, departments or cost-centres and then comparing those against actual travel spend.

Data can be viewed by month across a range of spend channels, which is then compared to a nominated monthly travel budget figure.

FCM clients can also use the KPI dashboard to display how their current budget is tracking in terms of the allocated total budget spend as a percentage.

Incorporate FCM’s premium budgeting capabilities as part of your ClientBank reporting suite and receive: 

  • A high level overview of your company’s overall travel spend and more control of your future spending.
  • Full visibility of your company’s daily travel spend and how it’s tracking compared to nominated cost centre travel budgets.
  • A detailed qualification of whether your current travel budget is meeting the needs of the business.

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