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Agribusiness Success: Cost control & safety

Explore the success story of a leading Australian Agribusiness that entrusted us with reshaping their hotel program to slash costs and enhance traveller safety.

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The challenge: Data, policy, and behavioral complexities

Navigating the intricate web of data and reporting, policy nuances, and behavioural dynamics is no small feat. With our client, a leading agribusiness, facing mounting costs and safety concerns, the stakes were high, but our FCM Consulting team accepted the challenge head-on.

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Our approach: Innovative initiatives, measurable results

Through an innovative blend of initiatives, we not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations. They witnessed a remarkable 20% reduction in hotel expenditures - a testament to our commitment to driving unparalleled value. Our strategic interventions paved the way for an impressive 80% compliance rate, streamlining operations and fortifying safety protocols.


Results that speak louder

FCM Consulting's resounding success with this client serves as a compelling testament to our expertise in corporate travel transformation. Our ability to tackle challenges headfirst, leveraging data insights, reshaping policies, and inspiring behavioural change, is at the core of our success.


Partner with FCM Consulting: Elevate your corporate travel game

You and your team can trust FCM Consulting to be your guiding force, aligning your goals with actionable strategies that drive results.

Dive into the case study to learn more about this client’s challenges and how we conquered them.

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