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FCM Meetings & Events Ideas Exchange 4.0

FCM Meetings & Events revolutionised the idea of corporate gatherings with IDEX (Ideas Exchange) 4.0 at the InterContinental Hayman Island Resort, through prioritising wellbeing. FCM Meetings & Events hosts Simone Seiler and Katie Fraser navigated insightful industry talks, complemented by wellness sessions and transformative workshops by big wave surfer Mark Visser and meditation leader Susan Quirke. The event gave guests the chance to connect professionally while also embracing nature and fostering a unique atmosphere of holistic success.

Ideas Exchange 4.0


FCM Meetings & Events decided to break the mold with their fourth installment of Ideas Exchange 4.0. Held at the serene InterContinental Hayman Island Resort, this luxurious leadership experience themed ‘Making Waves’ hosted in September 2023, was not just an event, but an immersive experience that left waves of impact on guests.

The brainchild of FCM Meetings & Events, Ideas Exchange 4.0 brought together a select group of customers, event professionals, and industry partners for a weekend of unique activities from exploration and education to conversation and unabashed fun! This bespoke event saw networking opportunities evolve differently, in an atmosphere where genuine connections could be formed.

Behind the scenes, hosts FCM Meetings & Events Global General Manager, Simone Seiler, and General Manager Operations, Katie Fraser, collaborated seamlessly with the team from InterContinental Hayman Island Resort to ensure a flawless event.

Ideas Exchange 4.0 Dinner

Creating a different kind of IDEX

Recognising the need for a holistic wellbeing event, Ideas Exchange 4.0 didn’t just focus on corporate conversations but rather created a platform for thought-provoking discussions, professional development, reflection, and relaxation over the three-day event.

Meditation leader Susan Quirke from Vibrate Your Mind set the tone with a session of self-reflection which allowed the group, amidst the hustle of their professional lives, to find a moment of calm and centering.

But it wasn't all about Zen vibes; there were big waves of excitement too! Mark Visser, big wave surfer, mindset coach, and keynote speaker, led a workshop a workshop that wasn’t just about surfing the literal waves but navigating the figurative ones in our professional lives.

Simone and Katie also spearheaded insightful and open conversations about the state of the industry, challenges faced, and the myriad of opportunities that lay ahead, which gave guests a chance to speak authentically.

Set against the backdrop of one of Australia's stunning landscapes, IDEX 4.0 took advantage of its surroundings. A sunrise hike and a marine sand flat walk led by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation brought guests closer to nature. Guests were treated to conversations about the environment, while experiencing it firsthand, even spotting a stingray or two along the way! The event was also an opportunity to connect with the world outside the boardroom, fostering a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance between industry and nature.


HW 6.jpg

Nature, relaxation and entertainment

As the sun set, the experience transitioned into an evening of open and relaxed discussion over a unique dinner experience, including a fire performer and live musician which added an extra layer of entertainment. Guests indulged in an open fire BBQ, the aromas mingling with the tropical breeze of the island, creating an atmosphere that perfectly complemented the spirit of the event.

While IDEX 4.0 created a symphony of business insights, relaxation, and entertainment, guests left with memories of sunrise hikes, discerning conversations, and the thrill of navigating their own waves of success. FCM Meetings & Events managed to turn an industry event into an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

Now, that’s how you make waves in the world of corporate gatherings!


“There were moments where we thought we couldn't have planned the event better in terms of the subliminal messaging that was coming through around interconnectivity of people, and the power of interconnectivity. We don't even know what we're capable of, but we're stronger together than we are alone.”

                  IDEX 4.0 FCM Meetings & Events team. 

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