Developing a Traveller-First Change Management Game Plan

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Key Highlights

Change Management Consumables Manufacturer Case Study

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An American Fortune 100 multinational consumer goods manufacturer – which produces a multitude of personal care items – decided it was time for a new travel management company (TMC). The client’s travel program spend is US$170 million and covers 60,000 employees in 27 countries. Despite relative stability, the desire for transitioning away from their previous TMC, which they had been with for 10 years, stemmed from their vision of a program suited to a post-pandemic world. FCM’s holistic tech solutions, agility and partnership-focused goals were a perfect match.

Strategic approach

To start, a change impact analysis was conducted. It only took two calls for the FCM Account Management team to properly assess the full scope of the client’s needs. That meant migrating 72 countries to the FCM Platform. Additionally, the client emphasised the importance of traveller experience before, during, and after their business trips. The solution? FCM Mobile, which places the Platform in travellers’ pockets.

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Rolling out the changes

Massive change needs a framework that won’t collapse. Hence, FCM designed a persona-based change plan that identified what will drive buy-in, training needed for each group, and how to measure success within each group.

The scope of the project meant a gradual rollout to minimise back and forth and keep things transparent. FCM Account Management conducted virtual and on-site training sessions for 4,000 employees on everything they needed to know – from FCM technology and process to booking travel and accommodation. Finally, communications were dispersed among a wider base of employees both to “hype” the change as well as relay important information.

Tailored communications

The part of the process that really made the client's change so successful was the detailed communication plan, and it's where FCM's alternative energy really shined. By tailoring communications to persona, region, language, and more, we ensured everyone was engaged from the get-go.

- Ben Johnson, Director of Customer Strategy

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The client’s organisational change was such a massive success due to their hunger for change, and FCM’s ability to identify points of opportunity as well as create custom solutions. Get the nitty gritty details of how this was made possible.