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Aussie energy's triumph: Smarter savings & ESG success

We help a leading energy company client create 25.2% hotel category savings and a 72.8% hotel supplier ESG rating.
25% hotel category savings, 73% policy compliance and 93% hotel rate reduciton
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The challenge: Establishing a hotel program baseline and ESG-aligned metrics

Imagine a hotel program comprised of varied traveller types, high-risk and high-demand destinations, and a choreography of booking behaviours. This was no ordinary program; it also stood as the flagship endeavour for addressing Scope 3 Emissions, aligned with the company's robust ESG objectives and demanding unparalleled performance metrics. On top of this, there was the need for effective communication and change management strategies across internal stakeholders, hotel partners and multi-Travel Management Company partners to achieve hotel program objectives. Our team helped navigate this complexity with an innovative solution: harmonising sustainability with efficiency.

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Our approach: Making the complex, simple

Armed with solutions, the FCM Consulting team began implementing strategies that created lasting results for our client. Through leveraging FCM's sophisticated Business Intelligence platform to consolidate complex data files, the team crafted a comprehensive Hotel Diagnostic that revealed program performance and uncovered untapped potential. The result? Our client saw a 25.2% hotel category savings and a 72.8% hotel supplier ESG rating. By sourcing strategies and contracting structures, these creative solutions were instrumental in crafting an innovative Hotel Program design to meet this client's cost savings and ESG goals.

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Dive into the case study to learn more about this client’s challenges and how we conquered them.

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