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While most countries have removed their COVID-19 travel restrictions now - including Australia, there are still a few countries that have rules in place for international visitors. 


See our international travel checklist or use our global interactive travel map to check the status of the destination you're travelling to. 

International Travel Checklist

Download our travel checklist to prepare you for your next international trip. 

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Departing Australia

  • Check the requirements on mask wearing for the airport and airline you’re travelling to and from.
  • Give yourself at least 3 hours for international check-in.
  • Some airlines and destinations may require you to show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result at check-in.
  • Take your COVID-19 test within 72-24 hours of your departing flight (depending on your destination).
  • Depending on your destination, make sure you have your Australian International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate (ICVC) with you.
  • Some countries require arrival documentation to be completed. Most of these pre-departure forms are online. Take printed copies of all documentation with you also.
  • Travel insurance (covering COVID-19) is also required for entry into some countries. Check the entry requirements of the country you’re travelling to on Smartraveller or speak to your FCM Travel Manager for more info.
  • If you're travelling to Europe, check if you need an ETIAS.
UK new passport waiver.

Travelling to the UK?

Beginning in late 2023, the United Kingdom is set to introduce an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) program. This initiative is designed for individuals not requiring a visa to enter the UK, granting them permission to travel under specified conditions.

Upon successful application for an ETA, travellers will receive authorisation to enter the UK, enabling them to:

  • Stay in the UK for up to six months for tourism, visiting relatives and friends, conducting business, or pursuing studies.
  • Utilise the Creative Worker visa concession to spend up to three months in the UK.

Issued ETAs will remain valid for a duration of two years and can be utilised for multiple visits to the UK. In the event of obtaining a new passport within this timeframe, individuals will be required to obtain a new ETA.

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