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Partnering for positive change: FCM's collaboration with Accor in sustainability

At FCM, we believe that the path to a more sustainable future is paved with collaboration. Partnering with like-minded suppliers and organisations is crucial in driving positive change within the corporate travel industry. Our collaboration with Accor stands as a testament to this belief, as we work together towards a more sustainable and inclusive world.

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Accor’s sustainable progress and commitments

In 2023, Accor made significant strides in its sustainability journey, reflecting its ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, diversity, and inclusion.

Firstly, their team reassessed their approach to measuring carbon emissions and explored further ways to reduce them through major projects. These projects included the collaboration of 10 chefs in Dubai to create low carbon dishes, as well as deploying a robust methodology to reduce food waste across 800 hotels.

On top of that, Accor Pacific has also become the first hotel group in the region to team up with Ecotourism Australia. This means all Accor properties in Australia will undergo sustainability audits focusing on eight key sustainability pillars, including environmental management, working with local communities, contribution to conservation, and cultural respect and sensitivity.

Other key statistics highlight the progress Accor has made so far:
  • Single-use plastics: To date, Accor has removed over 83% of single use plastics from its hotels and resorts, with further reductions to come.
  • Carbon reporting: Achieving 80% implementation of a tracking tool in hotels, moving towards their 85% target, which showcases Accor's dedication to carbon accountability.
  • Food waste reduction: Accor exceeded expectations, measuring the baseline in the top 300 hotels, achieving 90% against the 80% target.
  • Diversity and inclusion: With 42% representation of women in management committees, Accor surpassed its 40% target, demonstrating its commitment to fostering a diverse leadership culture.
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2024 strategy

Building upon the successes of 2023, Accor is setting ambitious goals for 2024, driven by its sustainability strategy:

  • Decarbonise: By the end of 2024, Accor aims to measure and reduce its carbon emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.
  • Attract: Accor plans to attract businesses and create value through eco- certification, enabling hotels to showcase their sustainable practices.
  • Renew: Launching new initiatives and pilots to test and scale sustainable practices, as exemplified by Accor's initiatives in Dubai for COP28.
  • Evaluate: Accor prioritises building reliable data and baselines to define precise trajectories towards sustainable performance.


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Sustainability Strategic Framework

When it comes to driving change, Accor focuses on several key areas within its sustainability framework. These encompass:

  • Promoting social mobility
  • Empowering women
  • Ensuring human rights
  • Reducing food waste
  • Fostering responsible sourcing
  • Encouraging shifts in food consumption patterns
  • Minimising carbon emissions
  • Managing plastic waste through circular economy practices
  • Stewarding water resources
  • Engaging with local communities
  • Harmonising with natural ecosystems
  • Raising awareness about sustainability

Driving faster results

While determined action is crucial, finding ways to drive faster results is just as important. So in 2023, Accor created four guiding principles:


These philosophies that drove Accor in 2023 will continue to guide them in 2024, making their collective actions speak louder than words, and help them move faster towards a sustainable hospitality model.


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Power of partnerships

FCM's partnership with Accor exemplifies our commitment to driving positive change within the corporate travel management industry. By collaborating with suppliers who share our passion and drive for sustainability, we can collectively create a more inclusive and environmentally conscious future.

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