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Close the gaps in your travel

Have ambitious savings targets to meet in the new financial year? Or have you been given the directive to improve the travel experience for your travellers?

Whether your plans for the new financial year focus on reducing costs, sustainability, streamlining payments or just working to make the travel experience more seamless for your company stakeholders, lean on your TMC for advice.

When you’re working with a TMC that has industry specialisation like FCM you’ll be able to pinpoint where the pain points are in your program and close the gaps quickly with a tailored solution.

Your TMC is a valuable asset when travel spend and process are under scrutiny. Here’s why.

We make travel booking as easy as possible

When you work with a TMC with industry knowledge, they understand that your travel may not be as straight forward as booking flights from one capital city to another. There’s regional and remote job sites, contractors, specialised car hire and mining vehicles as well as group travel and accommodation needs.

To streamline the booking experience we use small teams of people with years of travel and construction industry experience under their belt. From the very first conversation with your people are always in reliable hands. Your day-to-day travel requests are handled by your dedicated travel manager or team of travel managers (for larger clients) and your program strategy is in the capable hands of an Account Manager who specialises in construction clients. We bring in the big guns from FCM Consulting to work on your air or hotel program sourcing and procurement.

We keep your travellers safe

If you’ve been working with FCM for a while make sure your travel risk management plan is up to date. Do all your travellers know what your travel policy includes and where to access it? Are they aware of who to contact if they run into trouble and have they downloaded the FCM Mobile app?

TMCs play an important role in helping your organisation to meet its duty of care obligations. We have tools and technology to help your business keep employees safe while they’re traveling. From helping to provide real-time travel alerts, tracking traveller itineraries, and providing emergency assistance – your TMC is key to keeping your travellers on the road with a smile.

We offer tailored payment solutions

One of the big things that building and construction firms love about working with FCM is our ability to offer flexible payment solutions. Invoice accounts, chargebacks, store cards, virtual credit cards, enhanced data you name it, we do it and we also tailor the payment solution to suit your needs.

We know that payment solutions can be a real sticking point for companies that use certain credit cards for their enhanced data via their expense management systems. Companies still want to receive enhanced data for not only air travel but all their travel components. In the case of regional hotels or accommodation, FCM will establish a payment method that ensures all hotel bookings are guaranteed for travellers when they arrive, there are no bounce backs and the enhanced data flows through to the expense management system.

Hotel programs built for your industry

Developing hotel programs for construction clients that tender for multiple jobs at a time, large cross border infrastructural jobs or projects with lengthy timelines, requires a different approach to most hotel programs.

At FCM, we have many clients who like to work with us because of our custom approach to developing hotel programs. Our approach involves the highly experienced team from FCM Consulting. FCM together with FCM Consulting maintain a fluid and flexible approach to client hotel programs. Due to the fact that FCM doesn’t know what projects each client will be working on each year, FCM teams maintain an agile approach to hotel sourcing. This allows FCM to add or remove properties according to the client’s workload.

We provide data and analysis for you to improve your program

Travel management companies provide valuable data analytics for construction companies. This can include information on travel spending, travel patterns, and employee travel behavior. By analysing this data, your business can identify areas where costs can be reduced, and travel policies can be optimised. This can help construction companies to make data-driven decisions about their travel programs and ensure that they are getting the best value for their money.

A TMC that specialises in industry travel can provide a range of valuable services to construction companies. By partnering with a TMC like FCM your business can outsource as much or as little as you need to and get the technology you need to automate aspects such as booking and approvals or expense management to save time. With the expertise and support of a TMC, your business is in the best position to optimise your program, close the gaps on leakage and be confident you’re travelling strategically.

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