Developing an ESG-centric travel program

FCM often gets asked the question ‘how can we make our travel program more sustainable?’

As with all things that involve considerable analysis and change, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Every organisation’s sustainability journey is unique.

This is the reason FCM Consulting has developed a highly flexible and consultative approach to help companies align corporate travel with their ESG framework.

“The work will depend on what industry your organisation is in, what your focus is on across the ESG framework and then what your business is willing to commit to and invest in over the short and long term,” FCM Consulting General Manager, Felicity Burke, said.

“Our team will work to understand what a company’s overall goals are and provide strategies and solutions for managing and procuring travel that aligns with those goals.

“If your company’s overall focus is on reducing your carbon footprint, we’ll suggest implementing an online booking tool (OBT) that has an integrated carbon offsetting program or an OBT that visually highlights hotels that are compliant with green rules.   

“Some companies prefer to take a wholistic approach to their program and will start by analysing the green credentials of their key travel suppliers.”

Companies can also break down different aspects of their travel programs to analyse what can be done differently or smarter to support sustainability initiatives. In this instance, FCM Consulting will work with clients to segment their programs by narrowing in on -:

  • Policy: does your travel policy support what you are trying to achieve from an ESG perspective?
  • Booking process: does your OBT help your travellers to select travel options that are more environmentally friendly for the planet?
  • Travel supply chain: are you working with airlines, hotels or ground transport companies that are active in the sustainability space?
  • Reporting: do you or your suppliers have the technology capabilities to report accurately on your carbon emissions or footprint?

“Creating a travel program that is closely aligned to your ESG framework may also include incorporating workplace travel that supports international community programs or charity work for disadvantaged communities, or ensuring that your travel program considers the safety, health, and wellbeing of people who are at higher risk of discrimination while travelling,” Felicity said.

“As a consultant in this area, we’ll provide advice on which strategies or solutions are appropriate for the direction your organisation wants to take.”

If your organisation is ready to take the next step, or even the first step, in travelling more sustainably – talk to our expert team from FCM Consulting to kick-start your journey today.

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