Seven ways to show your virtual sponsors the love

Just because your event is virtual doesn’t mean your valued sponsors have to miss out. A virtual conference offers just as many if not more opportunities for sponsors to showcase their products and expertise. It’s a case of transforming face-to face sponsor practices and initiatives into a digital format. How? Read on!


1. Banners, intro videos and pop ups

With everyone tuning in via their screen, this is the time to take over some of that precious real estate with banner advertisements and pop ups. Like what you’d see on TV, you could have a moving or floating banner in the bottom third of your screen or a commercial break featuring a sponsor video or speaker. A pop up at the start of a session or during the break or an intro video before a presentation starts is also a nifty way to advertise suppliers.

2. Sponsored sessions

Ask your suppliers if they would like to sponsor sessions at your event. Some suppliers like to sponsor presentations that relate to their business, while others like to sponsor the opening or closing session. Your keynote/s are often the most sought-after sponsorship spot. Sponsorships could take the form of naming the session after the supplier or hosting banners online during the session.

3. Put them up to speak

Some people are born to present. It’s no different with your sponsor community. If you have suppliers who have highly relevant products or services, know your industry and your audience and love to be centre of attention … then let them take centre stage. Or offer them a co-speaking opportunity.

4. The happy hour sponsor

Giving sponsors the opportunity to host or name virtual happy hours or breakout sessions is another valuable way to include them in a digital format. This opportunity is as simple as a title - ‘Insert sponsor name here’ Breakout Sessions; or a sponsor could take on the role of a host during the break or name a drink and share the recipe of the drink at the virtual happy tour. Your guests will definitely remember the fun activities.

5. Winner winner chicken dinner!

Your suppliers could contribute swag or products to be part of a larger giveaway or raffle, or there’s potential to name the raffle or giveaway after a sponsor for a big-ticket item. Your sponsors could also run a competition and provide prizes for third, second and first place. Nice.

6. Exhibitor Directory

One word. Essential. A directory is a key element of your digital marketing as it displays the names and contact details of all the exhibitors supporting your event. Sponsors can be added in bold, feature an ad spot on the digital pamphlet, flyer or newsletter - depending on the level of their sponsorship. The email marketing doesn’t need to stop when the event finishes - post-event communication to close the loop, is just as important as the pre-event marketing. This means sponsorship opportunities are also available post event.

7. Make your sponsors Insta-famous!

Bring your suppliers into the 21st century and get them active on social! Capture the attention of your event followers with relevant (and cool) posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even TikTok. Their posts can include content about their business that aligns with your event or can be provided by your event team. Posts can be shared before, during and after the event. This is a smart way to get sponsors in front of your attendees as well as other online users who might follow or come across a shared post. #thiseventisblowingup


If it’s time for your business to start thinking digitally, talk to the virtual event experts to maximise your online real estate. Lift your virtual game with help from the team at FCM Meetings & Events.  

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