How confident are you to host an event? How confident are your delegates about attending? When it comes to meetings and events during the COVID-19 pandemic, confidence is king.

FCM Meetings & Events Business Development Manager Melissa Squire said where there is a high appetite for people to meet face-to-face, confidence to do so varies for both businesses and their delegates.“ Realistically, you cannot cover off every detailed response to hypothetical scenarios that may arise from this pandemic from the outset,” she said.

It really does take an element of trust that everyone will respond fairly. Some companies are more comfortable with this element of risk than others.

There is a lot at stake and a lot to balance. Approaching risk management in these times can be overwhelming and we try to provide as much guidance and information as we can to build reassurance in our experience.

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Top 3 Company Concerns Around Event Confidence

  • Not being able to engage with their people face-to-face
  • Making sure they are balancing financial risk
  • Taking care of their people

Top 3 Delegate Concerns Around Event Confidence

  • Knowing their health and wellbeing is being prioritised
  • Precarious state borders – the risk of being separated from loved ones
  • Having options for attendance to manage their own levels of risk and comfort
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Trust The Big Picture

 “Being agile has become a big part of our every day, and we have built up experience of having to make quick changes to respond to government-imposed restrictions,”  Melissa said.

“Our clients can feel confident in knowing that our agility is increased further by being part of Flight Centre Travel Group. We have pulled together as one big team to ensure our clients are taken care of.

“When it comes to border closures and state-based lockdowns, we have been able to rely on scalability and reach by having 65 dedicated FCM Meetings & Events team members located across four states.

“When it comes to building delegate confidence, clear and consistent communication is key. Providing reassurance with proactive information about your COVID-safe plan or government policy changes is important in maintaining their trust.”

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The Event Partner’s Perspective

Hyatt Hotels Vice-President Sales and Marketing Pacific and Indonesia Kate Atkinson said based on their global research surrounding events, they focused on these four key pillars:

  • Safety
  • Support
  • Wellbeing
  • Technology

“Sometimes it’s even having different coloured wrist bands which range from indicating you are comfortable but reminding other delegates to not come within 1.5 metres of social distancing; or comfortable with a handshake; or comfortable with everything,” she said.

“That then removes that awkward ‘do I bump elbows or shake someone’s hand or socially distance?’.

All of our hotels are full biosecurity and infectious disease accredited and we have hygiene leaders in each hotel which takes it to another level.

We are moving into a space where everything is a touch-less experience now from drop and go with room service and check-in via the Hyatt App.

Kate said those industries least impacted by the global pandemic were currently the most positive about staging events, while those which worked more closely with COVID-19, were more reluctant to meet.

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Three Most Confident Industries in Meeting

  • Finance
  • Automobile
  • Telecommunications

Three Least Confident Industries in Meeting

  • Health
  • Government
  • Education

“Overall, people still want to meet as long as the safety issues are all visible,” she said.

“There is an element of ‘revenge travel’ both in the leisure and corporate space. That is the more people are cooped up the more they want to get out.

“The same is happening with meetings and events.”

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