How tech is keeping you safe while you travel


From hand sanitizer to cutting edge mobile apps: How tech is keeping you safe while you travel

Keeping safe while travelling for work isn’t just about masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing. While these are important things you need to incorporate into your journey, did you know as a customer of FCM,  you’re also being looked after 24/7 through your devices?

FCM’s suite of online tools and apps have been fine-tuned to ensure that you are getting access to the latest information and COVID safe suppliers, all backed up with expert service from your travel manager.

Recently Melissa Elf travelled from Brisbane to Adelaide to see first hand what it’s like to fly during COVID-19. To share the helpful insights and tips Melissa Elf discovered, we filmed the trip, along with real-life examples of how FCM’s technology suite provided that extra comfort and reassurance along each stage of their journey.

FCM award-winning technology is right with you at every step of your journey.

From booking the right accommodation for you using SAVI’s Clean Hotel Indicator, checking your flight status and confirming your itinerary using SAM and booking your own Uber through FCM Uber for Business, we’ve got you covered. 


Use the SAVI credits module to easily view and utilise unused ticket credits. See your full credit pool and use the smart dashboard widget for transparency over the next to expire ticket credit.

Our new SAVI Clean Hotels indicator allows you to see at a glance hotels which have implemented new health and hygiene measures to ensure traveller wellbeing. 

For airlines that partner with Routehappy’s parent company ATPCO, SAVI Smarts will display up-to-date airline policies for COVID-19 at the time of booking, giving you confidence that you are choosing the safest and most sensible option for your next trip. SAVI Smarts displays health and safety measures such as health screening, food and beverage hygiene, passenger and crew wellbeing, airport and cabin cleaning as well as flexible booking conditions. 


Use SAM on the go to read your detailed travel itinerary and be notified of any flight status changes and other travel alerts. 

During and post-trip 

The Uber for Business app not only allows you to book your Uber transport and Uber Eats for Business but it also integrates with multiple expense management platforms allowing automated invoice reconciliation. No more carrying around receipts!

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