Drivers of change

Addressing the challenge of sustainability head on, Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) is acutely aware of its corporate responsibility to take decisive action. Content at the company’s peak corporate travel and thought leadership event, Illuminate 2022 had a strong sustainability theme, which was reiterated by Michelle Degenhardt, FCTG’s Global Sustainability Officer.

“It’s essential that we become the solution, not the problem,” said Michelle. We must change and address the travel industry’s impacts by working with our own people, and through our partnerships.”

Charged with working closely with people across the travel group, Michelle’s role is to ensure the company’s business practices are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. “Our theme is, preserving and enriching a world worth saving,” said Michelle. “It’s an ambitious goal that will see us investing more resources and energy into sustainability than ever before to influence low carbon travel.”

Developing strategies based on sustainable practices has been paramount to the company’s growth and success. These practices are evident in the socially responsible, environmentally friendly and economically viable steps being taken to safeguard the future. The FCTG sustainability platform incorporates a vast array of deeply embedded programs and initiatives. Michelle likes to describe the ongoing journey as a story driven by passionate and willing Heroes, Allies and Accomplices.

Our Heroes

Our people are our heroes and FCTG is committed to empowering them through a strong, safe and supportive internal culture. Ensuring a thriving and purpose-driven workforce means caring for their career development and wellbeing through programs including Healthwise, Moneywise, the Womenwise network, charitable giving through the Flight Centre Foundation and Come as you are, FCTG’s Diversity and Inclusion Program.

Our Allies

It’s critical to work together with our partners and suppliers for the benefit of both people and the planet. Measures include ensuring supply chain sustainability and transparency, choosing partners committed to caring for the destinations we travel to and collaborating with partners to achieve our goals. Michelle highlighted that FCTG partnered with Etihad Airways to carbon offset the environmental impact of Illuminate 2022.

Our Accomplices

Our goal is to engage and empower our valued customers as active accomplices in our sustainability journey. Through education and providing sustainable options, including new technology, we can help them make better and more informed choices when they travel or hold meetings and events.

“Ultimately, the only way we’re going to help preserve the planet is through accountability and collective action,” said Michelle. “By setting science-based carbon targets, protecting biodiversity, supporting conservation and by changing our own behaviours and those of our customers. As a company we have a plan, but we can’t do it alone. We need you all to be drivers of change also.”

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