The next generation of FCM Reporting

Your favourite corporate travel reporting tool has been reimagined, refuelled, and re-energised by market leader Microsoft Power BI. With revolutionary reporting capabilities, the new FCM Reporting platform will take your data analysis to the next level.

Power BI reporting on computer screen
Best-in-class artificial intelligence

Query. Click. Go. Not your average reporting tool, FCM AI Reporting works like your favourite search engine. Simply type your question into the search bar and a custom report will autogenerate. Instantly. No more pouring through endless spreadsheets or waiting on reports.

Vibrant, interactive visuals

What’s the point of having all this awesome data around if you can’t make sense of it? You need a platform where you can see all the data you need – when you need it.

Predictive analytics model

Unlock the power of prediction. Our technology uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyse your data and provide accurate, actionable insights for your business. Don’t guess the future, create it!

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