Put sustainability on your conference agenda

Whether travelling or working, the way we go about our daily lives reflects our connection to - and awareness of - those around us. As part of the Flight Centre Travel Group’s (FCTG) Brighter Futures CSR initiative, FCM Travel Solutions is committed to improving the futures of those around us - where we work, live and travel.

As an organisation, and as individual travellers, we strive to live by the recommendations set out in our Responsible Travel Charter, Worldwise. The four key philosophies embodied by this charter – social equity, environment, wildlife and economic - have been used to create the FCTG Guide to Responsible Events.

Whether you are a delegate or an event planner, FCM encourages clients to make sustainable and environmentally aware choices. From travel arrangements to meals, activities and conference giveaways, small changes can help create a brighter future.

Travel arrangements – use e-documents and e-itineraries to minimise paper use and printing, choose hotels with good environmental practices and support local transport operators (with energy efficient vehicles where possible) and maximise the number of people per transfer.

Conference considerations – only print essential materials, choose bamboo and paper products over plastic, place recycling bins at venues, use jugs of water and glasses instead of bottled water, source items locally when possible to inject money into the community and only include sustainable items in a fabric gift bag – such as reusable coffee cup, metal/bamboo straw and an ethically produced t-shirt with a life beyond the conference.

Meals – to reduce food miles base menus around locally sourced ingredients, source a local coffee supplier, support social enterprise restaurants/coffee shops, include vegetarian meal options which have a smaller carbon footprint than meat and avoid single use items and plastics.

Activities that do no harm – choose activities which only have a positive impact on communities, the environment and wildlife. Ensure volunteering is through reputable organisations. Ask yourself ‘who I do this at home?’ to help judge if the activity is appropriate. Would you take pictures of children in an orphanage or school? Or touch a wild animal? All activities should respect local cultures, customs, religions and dress codes.

Tread your own path

When attending a conference as a delegate you may not be able to control how the event is run, but you can still choose to be a responsible traveller by making a personal commitment to:

  • Conserve - take short showers, reuse hotel towels, switch off lights and air-conditioning when out.
  • Reduce – take a reusable bag, refuse plastics, take your own reusable cup, cutlery and straw.
  • Go Local – support locally owned businesses/restaurants, shop at markets, support local craftsman and seek out local guides and tour companies.
  • Respect wildlife – don’t feed or touch wildlife, avoid wildlife performances and riding wild animals. Generally speaking, any activity which an animal would not naturally do in the wild, is the result of exploitation.
  • Be respectful – take an interest in local cultures, learn about their customs, dress and behave in a manner appropriate to where you are.

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