FCM has released new online booking tool (OBT) functionality to enable organisations to easily calculate carbon emissions, offset those emissions and report on offsetting results.

FCM’s OBT helps businesses to increase the sustainability of their corporate travel programs and deliver a meaningful reduction to their environmental impact. Our technology makes sustainability seamless for companies, by helping to reduce and offset carbon emissions via an automated process.

There are a number of programs customers can select from to achieve their sustainability goals.

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Program 1 - Carbon emissions visibility

  • Travellers or travel bookers can view the environmental impact via a carbon emissions display for each of their flight segments 
  • Prioritises hybrid and electric vehicles for rental car options to make a difference on the ground 
  • The CO2 info is available as a one-time view within the OBT booking screen
  • No reporting is available with this option – it is a visual display only.

This option gives your business visibility over its environmental impact from travel to help your bookers and travellers make more sustainable choices. 


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Program 2 - Integrated offset program with reporting

  • Organisations can choose to pay to offset their carbon emissions from each flight.
  • Customers have a choice of offsetting portfolio options, which are priced per tonne of carbon.
  • All online and offline bookings are pushed from FCM’s OBT to our offsetting partner.
  • Offsets are automatically processed once travel is complete, so you don’t have to worry about changes or cancellations. This allows for accurate and efficient offset management and reporting.

What makes our carbon offsetting program unique?

Your business gets access to market-leading carbon offsetting data and expertise to drive program compliance and make a real difference. Plus …

  • Our end-to-end technology solution enables FCM’s OBT to instantly calculate and offset the emissions after travel is completed.
  • FCM’s capability to provide granular, dynamic carbon offset data is based on choice of fare. This means your business can build a robust carbon offsetting program and drive more sustainable travel choices.

Fast, accurate and automated reporting

Once a trip is completed, the data is sent to our offset partner’s reporting suite. Customers can download reports on previous carbon calculations and the volume of offsetting done to date.

FCM’s customers can also access their formal retirement certificates as proof of their commitment to carbon neutral travel.

Valuable offsetting partnerships

As part of our sustainability solutions, FCM has numerous partnerships with carbon offsetting providers. These providers offer a range of high value carbon offsetting initiatives in Australia and around the world. Our offsetting initiatives support renewable energy or emission reduction projects. All projects sequester carbon and deliver benefits to local communities and economies.

Is it time that your organisation actively reduced its carbon footprint from travel? Talk to your FCM Account Manager or FCM team for more information.