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FCM Meetings & Events’ Ideas Exchange spotlights the ‘S’ in ESG

20 March 2023 – Ideas Exchange (IDEX) was back bigger and better for a third round thanks to FCM Meetings & Events. The thought-leadership event recently took place at the Porter House Hotel in Sydney, bringing together a group of industry professionals to discuss the ‘S’ in ESG.

The ‘Social’ part of ESG is defined as the consideration of humans and our interdependencies. The in-person event was led by thought-leaders such as Flight Centre Travel Group’s Head of People and Culture, Allisa O’Connell, and FCM Meetings & Events General Manager, Simone Seiler. 

“The travel industry is moving into a new world where businesses are placing a greater emphasis on ESG when it comes to planning meetings, events, and conferences – that’s where us as specialists can really make a difference in this space when it comes to planning and booking,” Ms Seiler said. 

“This Ideas Exchange event focused specifically on knowing your supply chain and taking social responsibility at every level. ESG issues can carry significant reputational and operational risks in the complex arena of procurement. What does a ‘good’ supply chain look like in events and travel?

“It’s important to have robust processes and controls embedded across an organisation in relation to supply chain health and safety and human rights.

“Key to this are processes to perform due diligence on all new business initiatives and suppliers. Not just at the initial point of entry, but also through regular monitoring of their progress.

“As for the in-person event itself, we wanted to challenge expectations, and reimagine how we traditionally meet to optimise the experience and encourage immersion, participation, and collaboration.

“Based on the concept of a salon, FCM Meetings & Events IDEX event remained a highly interactive experience which provides an environment for informal learning and discussion, with the aim to inspire collaborative action.

It’s also important to have some fun along the way. We’re pleased it was just as successful as the first two iterations.”

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