FCM’s sustainable alliances fostering a future of greener travel

How do you choose your partner?

In the world of partnerships, shared values and aspirations form the cornerstones of our commitment. At FCM Travel Australia, we align with like-minded partners such as Crown Resorts, who share our commitment to a greener future.

Crown Resorts acknowledges that climate change is already having devastating impacts in countries around the globe and urgent action is required, which is why it’s embracing its responsibility to the environment and recognising the unique contribution it can make to a sustainable future.

Learn how Crown Resorts are choosing green initiatives to reduce environmental impact by focusing on three key pillars - Energy, Water and Life-cycle management. 

Crown Hotels Perth Exterior at Dusk

Crown Resorts key pillars of sustainability

Crown Resorts' plan to reduce their environmental impact by implementing water conservation initiatives, waste reduction programs and energy efficiency projects that make real and lasting contributions.

They hope to achieve this by partnering with leading experts to learn and adopt new ways of responding to environmental challenges, while also introducing new strategies, technologies, systems, practices, and programs to deliver sustainable reductions in energy and water usage, and waste generation. 

Conservation projects

Crown Resorts consistently monitors and reports on its water consumption across its properties to identify improvement areas and invest in water efficiency projects that help reduce water consumption.

Crown Melbourne's water-recycling system can hold a significant amount of water, which is primarily used for toilet flushing, saving substantial quantities of fresh water.

Crown Perth was recognised as a Platinum Waterwise Business, receiving the 2022 Commercial Waterwise Business of the Year Award for Crown Towers Perth and Crown Metropol Perth from the Water Corporation. Crown Perth's water saving initiatives include a bore project which provides irrigation to over two hectares of parks and gardens, saving approximately 50,000 kilolitres of scheme water each year, as well as introducing water tolerant plants, and installing an automatic controlled urinal flushing system has reduced resort-wide urinal water usage.

Crown Sydney water use is minimised through avoiding the cooling towers normally associated with commercial air conditioning of this scale. The centralised district system takes advantage of low energy use through higher efficiencies and utilises sea water heat rejection via connections to Sydney Harbour. Shower heads, taps and toilets throughout the hotels have also been upgraded to be more resource efficient. 

Crown Hotels Deluxe Room Interior

Waste management programs  

Crown Resorts has one of the more extensive recycling systems in Australia in terms of number of recycling waste streams. These currently include green waste, polystyrene, e-waste, food organics, metal, fluorescent tubes, batteries, cooking oil, mobile phones, cardboard, paper, glass, timber pallets, mattresses and hotel room soap.

Energy and emissions

In 2018 Crown Melbourne installed a 300 kW PV solar power system which consists of nearly 1,000 solar panels. The system produces over 350,000 kWh of renewable energy annually, equivalent to the power consumed by over 60 homes. Solar panels have been discretely integrated into Crown Sydney's design, located in areas that are sympathetic to the iconic architecture of the development. These help with reducing carbon emissions as well as energy consumption from the grid. 

Crown Hotels exterior from poolside

Crown Hotels initiatives 

Over the last 12 months, Crown Hotels has donated leftover soap bars to Soap Aid; a not-for-profit organisation who recycle and send much needed soap to communities facing major hygiene challenges.

They have also donated soft linens and furniture to various charities and community organisations including The Salvation Army, The Lort Smith Animal Hospital and the Lost Dogs Home.

Crown Hotels has transitioned to more digital applications across the property and in-room to reduce paper consumption. More than half of Crown Hotels' properties now use smart tablets in-room to reduce traditionally printed compendiums, menus and letters.

Crown Metropol Melbourne has also recently undertaken a full replacement of the room locking hardware and room controllers which are responsible for the room's occupancy status which in turn control the air-conditioning and lighting. Previously, guests would activate these in-room features via a manual card insert which could be left in place despite no guest occupancy. Through new motion sensor technology and magnetic reed switches installed in the door, these features are now only activated when the room is occupied, making the rooms far more energy efficient.

Crown Spa and subtle energies

Crown Spa partners with Subtle Energies, a Sydney-born company focused on natural skincare and wellness solutions founded on authentic Ayurveda principles. Subtle Energies is committed to sustainable sourcing of the highest grade of rare and pure ingredients direct from the farmers and distillers who produce them, working in harmony with local communities. For example, sustainable Indian Sandalwood is sourced from the Kimberly region of Australia. Through its Cruelty Free International China Pilot Project, Subtle Energies will become the first international company to be certified cruelty free and sell non-animal tested cosmetics across greater China.

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