Useful resources for LGBTQ+ travel

LGBTQ+ business travellers usually have to do another level of research into destinations. Consider cultural, legal and security factors when planning trips. Identifying as LGBT is illegal in some countries. Showing affection like holding hands may be frowned upon. So it’s vital to understand local laws and social norms of the country.

We acknowledge that social injustice exists in the travel industry, and within the communities that our industry impacts. We place equality and equity at the top of our agenda.


1. ILGA World

ILGA is a worldwide federation that campaigns and supports LGBTQ+ rights. Its annual reports help LGBTQ+ people better understand the legal and cultural landscapes of countries around the world.

Click here to download ILGA’s map of sexual orientation laws


2. LGBT Guide to Business Travel by ManAboutWorld Magazine

This guide is aimed at travellers to help them travel more safely and comfortably, packed with information on safety and security as well as staying connected and social ettiquette. 

View guide 


3. Stonewall’s Global Workplace Briefings

Each country briefing contains workplace information and details on how employers can create inclusive and equal workplaces. 

View here


4. US State Department

For travel to and around the US, the State Department has fact sheets for all states, as laws vary in each of them. Fact sheets highlight where being gay is criminalised and there is a special section for practical travel information.

View here


5. Equaldex 

This interactive map is a hub of collaborative knowledge from around the world. It details what laws and rights are in place by country.

View here

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