Using innovation to create more value

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Using innovation to create more value

The word ‘innovation’ has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years, but without it, businesses and industry would struggle to keep pace with the demands of modern society. For many companies the focus on innovation is simply about looking at ways ‘to do things better’. When problems are solved using the innovation lens, the outcome can be hugely beneficial for companies keen to generate more value from -:

  • improved productivity
  • a more engaged company culture
  • reduced costs
  • increased competitiveness
  • improved brand recognition and value
  • new partnerships and relationships
  • increased turnover and improved profitability.

But how do companies drive innovation?

At FCM Travel Solutions we have people and resources dedicated to driving innovation internally. We believe that not only is innovation critical for our business to remain competitive and progressive but it’s also a a great way our business can add value to our client partnerships.

We believe the onus is on us, to be constantly looking at ways of ‘doing things better’ so we can educate clients as part of our relationship with them. By choosing smart partners to work with, companies have more opportunities to collaborate and share ideas, be exposed to new ways of thinking, new ways of overcoming problems and different areas of expertise.

According to Boston based tech magazine CIO, smart partnerships can help organisations to ‘pivot and adapt’ in today’s constantly changing business environment. 

Innovation in corporate travel management

General Manager of FCM Travel Solutions Australia, Melissa Elf, knows how important a solid partnership is for a client to successfully engineer major change for a large travel program.

“When I think about some of the results that FCM’s clients have achieved over the years, it’s really evident that behind many of these innovative projects have been strong partnerships,” Melissa said.

“To map a way forward or design a solution to improve a travel process, integrate systems or build more automation into a program – it is essential for our team to really know their clients. We need to know a customer’s objectives, long-term goals, culture, limitations, capabilities and processes in order to help them introduce positive and long-lasting change.

“And it is the same on the client’s end – they need to have confidence that we are bringing the right people, level of expertise, experience and innovative solutions to the table, to help them achieve their specific goals. Therefore, it’s vital we drive innovation internally through culture and development, and continually assess our approach to travel management.”

Melissa added that with innovation being such an important aspect of future proofing businesses, today’s leaders needed to be investing in their people, resources and businesses to create the right environment for innovative thinking.  

The business innovator’s state of mind -:

  • A thirst to change things for the better
  • Courage to work with partners and form close working relationships
  • Willingness to share knowledge, information and collaborate
  • Confidence to think differently to challenge the status quo
  • Strength to work through rough patches during periods of change
  • Commitment to stay engaged for the entire innovation journey
  • Openness to reflect and review what could be done differently on the next project.

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