We take the pain out of payments 


We take the pain out of payments 

Most of the time travelling for business is productive and enjoyable. 

But not when you’ve had a massive day and you turn up to your hotel for the night only to be told that the room hasn’t been paid for or the booking isn’t showing up in the hotel's system. #TravelFail 

Sound familiar? 


One of the big things that building and construction firms love about working with FCM is our ability to offer flexible payment solutions. Invoice accounts, chargebacks, store cards, virtual credit cards, enhanced data.... you name it, we do it. We tailor the payment solution to suit your needs.

  • Looking for a hotel payment solution because you don’t want to give all your travellers a corporate credit card; but your travellers hate having to pay for their business travel personally before getting reimbursed? Check. 

  • Want a chargeback facility set up for hotel charges so you can still receive the enhanced data you’re used to getting from your accommodation expenses? No worries. 

  • Prefer to use a travel company’s invoice account for the big jobs to more easily manage your company’s internal cash flow? We got you.  

Melbourne-based Account Manager Lyn Harris, who oversees some of FCM’s largest construction clients, says FCM’s flexible offering and willingness to find viable workaround solutions for travel payments was highly valued from clients. 

“Our ability to solve a customer’s payment pain point is highly valued in this industry and actually across many industries,” Lyn said. 

“Payment solutions can be a real sticking point for companies that use certain credit cards for their enhanced data via their expense management systems. Companies still want to be able to receive the enhanced data for not only air travel but all travel components. In the case of regional hotels or accommodation, FCM will establish a payment method that ensures all hotel bookings are guaranteed for travellers when they arrive, there are no bounce backs and the enhanced data flows through to the expense management systems.”

Lyn said invoice accounts were also utilised as they enabled companies to better manage their cash flow and pay flight and accommodation charges at a later date, via cyclical invoicing.   

Not all travel management companies offer invoice account facilities because of the risk of carrying debt, but at FCM we are fortunate that we have the financial backing of our parent company Flight Centre Travel Group which gives us the capability to offer a line of credit to eligible clients,” Lyn said. 

“The value we bring to clients particularly in the building and construction industry is that we understand what the nature of their business and travel is like. 

“We understand they are working with remote and regional accommodation providers, they have contractors working for them who appreciate not having to use their own cards, that they have groups of travellers staying in a hotel and need a reliable chargeback facility for traveller expenses like meals.

"We’ll also ensure that chargeback facilities are tailored for the type of traveller.

“We know this industry and their travel patterns and are more than happy to work with clients to create payment solutions that work for their people and their internal expense management and reconciliation processes.” 

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