Linked into your finance system and our booking tools is comprehensive expense management technology that ensures payment and expense reconciliation is fast and transparent for the traveller and approver.

Designed to deliver improvements in productivity and efficiency, it will reduce the amount of time you and your travellers spend inputting and understanding expense data by combining travel bookings and expense reporting into one simple process.

By cutting out this time-waste and credit card merchant fees, our system offers real savings for your business travel program almost immediately.

Travellers can even stay on top of their expense claims via our mobile app, whether on the move, at the airport or during a trip.

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Virtual Pay

Part of FCM’s expense management solution is virtual pay. For companies that prefer the security and visibility of virtual payments for their hotel bookings, we offer virtual pay through Conferma.

Virtual cards are especially helpful in industries where there are frequent, recurring electronic transactions – such as the corporate travel sector. Settled through centralised billing accounts, virtual cards generate a unique card number for every purchase and all the numbers are billed back to the same account.

There are many benefits to using virtual pay … your travellers don’t need to carry cards, your HR department has more control of travel spend and importantly, it automates the reconciliation process for your finance department.

For more information download a snapshot of Virtual Pay with Conferma.


To talk to FCM about this in detail or to request a demonstration of how virtual pay works please contact FCM today.

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We know you can’t always manage, book or view your business travel services and plans from your desk. That is why we have developed technology that enhances your traveller experience on-the-go.

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